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    Default Do aftershaves go bad?

    Does anyone know if aftershaves go bad, or have a shelf-life once opened?

    My Old Spice bottles have been open for quite a while and I don't seem to notice any difference. Any experience here?


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    I've had some aftershaves for years and they don't seem to deteriorate. When it comes down to it most aftershaves are alcohol, water and some essence so unless they evaporate away they should last forever. The balms are another story I probably wouldn't use them after ayear or so some of their ingredients could deteriorate over time.

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    I've never had any go bad yet, but i've had a few come bad right out of the box. Most came as presents.

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    I can't imagine aftershave would go bad, seeing as how they're composed primarily of alcohol. And besides, if they ever were to "sour," it'd have to be one vile stench, since it would have to overpower its regular pungency.

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    hi - i think aftershaves can go off as some of the ingredients are quite delicate but they should last at least a year to eighteen months if looked after properly:

    if you buy spray rather than a splash on it gives control but also protects from any contamination from exposure and bacteria on your hands.

    they can degrade if exposed to sunlight which can cause them to alter colour and lose their first impression so ideally they should be stored in their box or in a cupboard.

    the strength and character can be impaired by temperature fluctuations so it is better to keep them in the bedroom cupboard rather than the bathroom.

    this is what i do and my aftershaves seem to be fine - although i usually go through about a bottle a year so haven't done any long term testing!

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