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    Default what are some good scent free after shaves for sensitive skin?

    Good day gentlemen,

    I am posting this message to hopefully get some advice on after shaves and post shave treatment .

    my skin is extremely sensitive unfortunately, to the point that ATG is simply not an option, I can still get a close shave with a pass with the grain and 2 passes accross the grain.

    currently I use nivea men, sensitive after shave balm and it is almost good enough. it fails to totally sooth and nourish my face.

    I also wear fragrances, therefore I need a scent free after shave that does not interfere with my fragrance. The Nivea does not have a fragrance but it still has a smell and it is not scent free like vaseline for example.

    while wearing scented aftershaves is an option, I prefer to wear Eau de toilette due to its superior projection and longetivity. aftershave scent is very faint because of low perfum concentration.

    I am looking forward to hearing your wisdom


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    I know i can get away with just using witch hazel, i get zero burn and it has very little scent, i use T N Dickinson. I generally go wtg all over then atg under my jaw line.

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    I was actually going to recommend Nivea sensitive balm, but it seems you're already acquainted with it lol.

    Another option, although not completely scent free, is T&H Ultimate Comfort. Expensive, but as far as skin care goes it's worth it.

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    I really like corn husker's lotion. It isn't oily either.
    As a suggestion from another person with extremely sensitive skin, try applying a thin layer of balm as a preshave under your lather or you could try noxema as a preshave alternative.

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    +1 on the Noxzema for preshave. For a good unscented aftershave, try Thayers unscented super medicated witch hazel. Works wonders and is alcohol free.

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