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Thread: Aftershave VS simple moisturizer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castel33 View Post
    And finally if you want a really cost effective post shave try hot water rinse, cold water rinse, and finish with witch hazel.
    Pretty much my regimen too. As mentioned, most of the aftershaves have some type of scent (including a scent to make the non-scented ones "scentless") which ends up irritating my skin. And I learned my lesson with buying cheaply formulated witch hazel. I use Thayers Original with Aloe Vera; no alcohol, and it leaves my skin soft but not greasy. Let's face it guys; we're maneuvering a ridiculously sharp piece of steel across our faces that's doing more than cutting off hairs.
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    Red face


    If just the moisturizer works for your friend, who's to say he's wrong. I have used it and find it leaves my face feeling greasy.

    On the cheap, this works well for me. After cold water splash and witch hazel, I put a dollop of Nivea balm into the cupped palm of my left hand and add after shave (Aqua Velva or Clubman, usually) mix it together between palms and apply. With this method I get the best of both and can adjust according to season; less balm in the Summer, more in the Winter. You know the balm is there, feel its benefits but, no greasy feeling.
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    I have, on the advise of somebody on this forum ,tried UdderlySmooth body lotion as an aftershave,with bad results,due to its effectiveness as a skin softener ,making my upper lip sore after shaving .On stopping ,and using nothing my upper lip recovered quickly.
    Another thing i tried without success is a brush warmer again ended making me sore,after a number of uses.
    Maybe plain water is best, after all we want our skin to respond favourably to the razor,everybody is different.

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    I can't picture my shave without the sting & scent of aftershave. It's just too traditional and refreshing.
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    It really depends on your skin complexion.

    My father for instance can go without anything on his face after a shave, save for a bit of cold water. Or he can have pure alcohol put on and won't feel much going on. His skin is very oily.

    Unfortunately, I am the opposite. Can't let anything with alcohol touch my face. My daily moisturiser, the wonderul Malin + Goetz Vitamin E, will sting my face and cause it to peel off if I put it on after the shave. Don't ask me why, but I did it once and it took days to fix. I use one of two products these days: Lab Series Razor Burn Relief Ultra and Baxter of California after shave balm. Both very good products for dry or sensitive skin.

    So don't take what you hear from other people as cast in stone. Make of it what you will, but ultimately only your face will tell you what's good for it. Most of us find out the hard way...

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    I use both. I use alcohol AS for scent and to disinfect my face after shaving. The I use a scentless moisturizer to promote healing and prevent ingrowns. Habit I guess. I picked it up from my dad and granddad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrownCork View Post
    I use both. I use alcohol AS for scent and to disinfect my face after shaving. The I use a scentless moisturizer to promote healing and prevent ingrowns. Habit I guess. I picked it up from my dad and granddad.
    Same, if i use as i follow up with a light spf moisturizer (eucerin) . If i use a balm, i skip the moisturizer.

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