Any Breidora owners out there??
I just picked up a 501 Breidora-Extra for $10.00 at a local flea market yesterday. It looked pretty bad at first glance but I saw a nice razor under all the gunk & small crack in the blade. This crack was a about 1/8" crack about a third of the way down the blade. Someone had tried to do a restore on this razor & had know idea & I think that is where the crack came from. This razor started out as a 6/8 hollow grind or mabye a little larger & i could see I had room to grind down the blade to get the crack out. SO I took it over to my trusty Work Sharp Blade grinder & very slowly ground down the blade to just take the crack out. Got the blade shaped up nice & went to my 1K King & set the bevel. took a spin on the 3K Wei-Wei & then the 8K side of that hone. Went to the Coti. & went thru my usual rounds on it. I stropped between the 3,8 & coti. Then I did a light strop & did 12 very light rounds on the16K Shapton glass then stropped on both of my Shell strops.
All I can say is frigging WOW!!! I had bread knifed this razor & in about an hour took it to a wonderful shaver.
There are several other models that Her. Johann Breidohr made but this one is a classic. I will get Pics. up when I get it done. One of the best Soligen made razors I have used.