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    Default Narrow and Wide blades?

    When you lay a razor on its side it is obvious that blades can vary in width. Some look little different than a butter knife while others look similar to cleavers? Why is that? What purpose does that serve?

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    To really get it you have to experience different grinds and sizes...

    But the easy explanation is to relate it to shaving in the modern era... Why are there disposables, that have anywhere from 1 to 5 blades...
    Why are there foil style electric razors, and rotary style electrics....

    Variety is the spice of life my friend....

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    I'm sure somebody that knows more than me will chime in. here is my take on width and how it affects a blade.

    1. rigidity, it makes the blade stiffer, which affects how it shaves. the grind affects that as well. but I'll tell you, I have a very thick, very heavy blade, but full hollow grind, the sound of the shave is the same as a regular hollow ground, but becasueo f the thickness of the spine I don't get the same feedback in my hand.
    2. weight, heavier blades lend their own weight to the shave. personally I like that.
    3. I'm guessing, just guessing here, that the thickness at the spine affects the angle of the bevel on the blade.

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    +1 for what BRed said..

    Trying them out will be the only way to know what you will like. I have some very thin shallow bladed ones and heavy full wedges, the shave from them is worlds apart.

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