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Thread: Blue Wonder - IS it real, Are they good?

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    Again, not to butt hurt, its not like i lost by a dollar.

    hehe but i did win this guy by a dollar the other day at a very good price

    Boker Extra Hollow Ground - Seller Photos
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daekkon View Post
    Congratz, i figured people in the thread would find it. looks like you had a little competition up there on those last bids though.

    Was simply to rich for my blood, as nice as it was there alot of other nice razors at that price so no love lost.

    @ Phrank oh believe me i was sitting there ready to snipe it out at the last second, but i did have a limit on it. and its went way above that limit before i could even bid
    Spot on, there are a lot of nice razors out there. Spot on too on setting what you your limit is and sticking to it. I placed only one bid and that was the max I would go in this case. I lost a nice Sheffie the other day when the shoe was on the other foot, and so it goes. If you are young you got lots of time to snipe if you are old like me it is get them when you can.

    After listening to someone talk ever wonder who ties their shoe laces?

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