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    Default Boker Edelweiss - HELP!

    Hello all!

    I have been doing research for several weeks about what kind of straight razor to purchase as a gift for my boyfriend's impending 30th birthday in early February. I have researched the best brands, raised my price range, and followed various guides to purchase the best products for the best value.

    I have set my heart on the Boker Edelweiss for the quality and the bone handle, but shortly thereafter realized that I would continue to find that it was out of stock on all reputable websites. I wanted to purchase from West Coast Shaving, as I live down the street from their store and they have a great price on it, but they are also out of stock and have no estimate on when they will become available.

    I would rather not purchase directly from Boker, as it is $200+ with shipping instead of $129 total. I found it in stock on "The Invisible Edge," but since I cannot find anything about that website anywhere, I'm not sure if it is a scam.

    Having said all of this, I am wondering if A) anyone knows of a REPUTABLE website that carries this in stock for around $130, B) if anyone has purchased anything from "The Invisible Edge" and if I can trust them to actually deliver a product to me.

    The Invisible Edge: Boker Edelweiss

    Please let me know if you can help me. As I said, I've done much research, but I am having a difficult time finding this for less than $200 on a reputable website.

    Thank you!


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    I have purchased two razors and a paddle strop from them, first class service on each occasion.

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    Checkout/call: show an Edelweiss for $129 but call to make sure. Also if you find/buy one from a non-shaving company then you'll probably have to have it honed to be shave ready but West Coast Shaving should be able to do that for you if you find one elsewhere.

    Maybe you should call West Coast Shaving and ask how long do they estimate before they'll have the razor again? Then you could be placed on their waiting list. I've went online and placed myself on their waiting list.

    I feel your disappointment but why did you set your heart on Boker's Edelweiss razor? I've been thinking about getting the Edelweiss because I have sentimental reasons. My deceased wife was a German girl who stole my heart. One of her favorite flowers was the German Edelweiss, the little snow white wildflower that grows high in the mountains. It's also one of the songs sung in the musical movie "The Sound of Music". We both loved that movie and the music. I used to sing her that song "Edelweiss" as well as give her gifts containing the little flowers.

    What I'm trying to say is that your gift of a razor is a very personal thing, not only of an object but also the gift of yourself. If you have solid reasons to give this specific razor but can't find it, then explain all this to your boyfriend then maybe both of you could wait together until it becomes available again. Or perhaps you & your boyfriend can together decide which other razor he might like. That way every time he uses that razor, he will think of you and the fun you both had together in selecting it. Objects are not just things but memories.

    Also, will this be his first straight razor? If yes then maybe the 5/8 Boker King Cutter or 5/8 Dovo Pearlex razors would be acceptable. Both are available at The Superior Shave website which is a reputable online dealer. These razors are available for $108 & $149 respectively. Also if this will be his first straight, perhaps a Dovo Best Quality for $90 would be acceptable? Then let him decide later what he would choose as a second razor. Also check SRD's in stock razors.

    There's another razor I've been considering: Dovo's 5/8 Carpe Diem because it has that motto on the face of the blade which means "Seize the Day". That's a good positive motto.

    If he's not yet into this straight razor hobby but he tries it and likes it, then you can bet this won't be his last razor. You'll have other chances to please and surprise him. Good luck in your quest.

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    I recently bought from invisible edge. Great communication and fast shipping.
    have you checked straightrazordesigns?
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    I just checked at SRD, they too are out of stock. I remember last Christmas seeing quite a few posts regarding razors being out of stock. I bought an Edelweiss from SRD some time ago. It ended up getting a crack in the scale. It had never been dropped or hit, theory was that it was pinned too tight on the wedge end. I contacted SRD and was told to contact Boker USA. I did and sent it in and they replaced it, so no complaints there. One benefit of getting one from SRD, it will come honed along with a coupon for a future honing. Good luck on whatever you end up with!!
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