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    Quote Originally Posted by Suavio View Post
    Good post earcutter. I think it's a bit of both though! Disposables, like you say, give us time. But I do believe there has also been a change in industry and quality of goods. What was the reason for Gillette (sorry to pick on them!) moving away from good quality DE shavers to plastic DE shavers in the 1960s? Their early DEs are still sought after around these parts! But, they opted for a cost cutting and money-making exercise - they took away the razors that would last us a lifetime and told us that we should pay less for something up front that would only last 10 years. And then 5. And now a few shaves with the 'true' disposable. If a company with factory can produce 10,000 items in disposable plastic for the same cost as 10 in life-lasting steel, I'd say we're certainly talking "disposable". The trend isn't limited to razors of course.
    You know - you are right! It is both. Kind of the perfect storm. Thanks .
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