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Thread: Skyfall Straight Razor

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScoutHikerDad View Post
    I can't say anything. I was one of the schmucks who started fly-fishing largely due to A River Runs Through It.
    I would only say someone is a schmuck if they do something like that and then give up on it after a little while (or think they are suddenly an expert on the subject) as opposed to a movie/ pop culture sparking a real interest in something.

    (coming from an avid fly-fisherman who doesn't get out nearly as much as he wishes)

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    Thinking about the posts on this thread the outcome should be positive for the str8 commuinity as it looks like one of two things will happen. Either we will get another enthusiast who enters the community with a genuine interest or the market will be flooded with brand new str8ts that are hardly used and going for next to nothing. Here's hoping......
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    I have been looking for a new Dovo Bismarck with the ebony wood scales but every where I look Dovo's are sold out or over priced and so are the majority of Theirs-Issard razors the only ones left are the extremely high priced one's. I did find one place that had Bismarck's but I would have to spend an extra $100 dollars because they would only sell it in a set. I did get lucky today as I found a 6/8 Theirs-Issard Spartacus in the classifieds for a good price.

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