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Thread: Grandfather's Razor

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    Default Grandfather's Razor

    Hey guys,

    I dug up my grandfather's old razor and I was wondering if you guys had any additional info about it. I've researched the Union Cutlery Co. that became Ka-Bar today, but I'm unsure if this razor falls under their make. I wasn't sure if the Union "Razor" Cutlery Co. in Union City, Georgia was the same company. Does anyone know if this is a quality enough razor to shave with?
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    I do not know anything about the company history, however they are very good razors. That one is pretty rare, because it is an heirloom. It is great to have an heirloom and to use it. However if you are looking for a starter razor you would be wise to use another, similar razor. Get a shave ready razor from a reputable vendor or the classifieds. If you ar shopping for new or used there are a few places to choose from. If you are looking to just clean that up a little and save it then WD-40 and 0000 steel wool and then some mother polish on a rag will get it looking great. It does look pretty good and does not need much.
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    Yes, the Union Cutlery razors are perfectly good shavers and that one is in great condition. As long you as you get it honed up properly and you get yourself a strop and are able to make a decent lather, then you will be perfectly ready to try out the challenge of learning how to use a straight razor.

    My advice to you is...

    Don't do it!

    That is, don't do it with your grandfather's razor. If you are interested it learning how to use it, then you have come to the right place. However, unfortunately, beginners often learn creative ways to destroy their first razors. Dropping on the floor and dinging against faucets seem to be the two most popular methods. A straight razor can last for generations of use but they are relatively delicate and can break easily with a simple mistake. For that reason, you might be better off learning with a razor that is not a family heirloom.
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    +1 to both of the above. If you want to restore it, great! Do as Rezdog suggested. If you want to use it, find something else to learn with. Then once you've got a fair handle on it, pick up the heirloom. I think just about everyone's put a hurting on their first razor. Mine still shaves, but it's in the ugly duckling category for sure. I probably put 10 years of wear or more on that poor Dovo in just a little over a year.
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    I have a couple of vintage razors I inherited from my favorite uncle. I am not sure whether he ever shaved with them or whether they came from his father. Every time I use them, I have fond memories of some great times with my uncle.

    One of mine needed new scales and the other had a ding in the toe. Thus, you are blessed to have a family heirloom from your grandfather that is in such good condition. Take care of it an pass it along to your heirs. As others have said, learn to shave with an starter razor, not one that is irreplaceable.

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