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    Default What are the good Henckels blade numbers?

    Hi all,

    I am just curious what the major difference is between the J.A. Henckels blades? I am assuming some blades are obvious superior to others, and I am curious how to tell? I am assuming the blade number indicated on the razor tang is the first hint as to the quality of the blade? Any input anyone has would be greatly appreciated.



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    I'm not sure if there's any quality reference there, or it's simply style. All Henckels blades are worth having though, if the price is right!

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    I have several including the Friodur. They're all good if you ask me. I even the Professional S series Henckels Knives, which I love..
    I coudn't say one way or another if one is better....The difference in str8's for me, is size, grind, etc...
    To judge which steel is better would be a feat...I guess if one takes and holds and edge better than another, that might be an example.....
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    The only thing I really know about Henckels is that the Friodur's are the stainless ones, and those stamped Zwillingwork are the ones that were totally finished at the Henckels facility. I don't know that that makes them any better, though.

    I have heard many members say the older Henckels are better shavers, but I personally don't know, because I've not had nearly enough to say for myself.

    AFAIK, the numbers are just for blade styles.

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    J.A Henckles are all great shavers. I've got a bunch and none disappoint. The meaning of the numbers stamped on the shank has been lost to time as far as I have been able to research. There are some that like the pre WW2 models better and I would agree. The Platinums in carbon steel and Friodurs in stainless have the highest ratings of the Henckles.
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