I think 99% of the time Gugi's answer will be most correct. Maybe it is just me, maybe its variation, maybe whatever, but I consistently seem to get great/better shaves with blades touched up on my vintage Thury.

HOWEVER- I find diamond harsh, as a few others do, but I believe my Hess that I sent to someone to hone was honed with diamond and it feels ultra smooth. My blade from a different person using diamond was harsh (til I took it to the Thury). Long story short while a tool may be easier/harder to use its really the workman using it who defines the outcome.

Also I would bet a lot of money that it isn't so much the razors as your technique. My first couple of shaves with a big heavy wedge yielded face massacre- ingrowns, weepers, nicks, etc. I still have that blade and it hasn't touched a hone since (just regular stropping) and my shaves are fine now that my technique is better.