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    Could you? Sure. Should you? Hmmm...

    Like the others said, once you factor in shipping it out to be honed, it will cost easily as much as just buying a shave-ready vintage from the Classifieds.

    Also, since this is your first experience with straights, you may not be able to tell the difference between a straight that just needs a clean-up and a honing, and one that's going to take a lot more work than that.

    Even for $30, you should be able to find a razor on decent shape that's shave-ready. It may have some wear, it may not be a looker, but it'll work just dandy and you can be sure of its suitability to shaving.

    As far as strops, there's no need to get all fancy. You should probably just go a starter 2" strop, so you can perfect your X-pattern without having a wider strop to get lazy on, and you won't have blown a lot of money on a strop that you're likely to nick.

    My strop is only 1 1/2 inches wide and it works just fine.

    Where you'll want to spend money is on soap/cream, shaving prep, and a decent brush.

    The strop can be cheap, and so can the razor as long as you're sure of its quality. Check the Classifieds, RupRazor, and SRD.

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    I just ordered a complete wet shave set from SRD. it includes a dovo best quality, a 2" strop, a brush, a mug and soap. It's a very basic set up from all that I've been reading on this site, but it will certainly be an upgrade from my can of barbazol and my shavette.

    The shavette has served me well, and I plan on continuing to use it even after I get the dovo. My favorite part of the shavette, is that whenever I'm tackling a new area of my face, or trying to work on my non dominant hand, I can just pop out the blade, and mock out the motions, and really get comfortable with them, rather then just going at it and hacking up my face.

    But believe me, I did a good deal of hacking before I took that little bit of advice, and have now seen the error in my ways.

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