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    Yes, I remember that review, but still have in my memory of him saying somewhere that he thinks DT better.

    Not sure which one I like better. Doesn't matter, they are both great.

    And oops on forgetting the start of the thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by BladeRunner001 View Post
    Hi Jeff,
    I just saw this review by Max of the #14 EPBD

    Filarmonica 14 Especial Para Barbas Duras - Straight Razor Place Forums

    PS: based on my OP, I do own a #14 DT and love it...just not the scale material

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    Thumbs up Thank you all

    This has been a nice exchange and thank you all for your opinions...all of them valued. I have heard all opinions and weighed my options.

    After hearing (well, rather reading I guess) what Rich (aka, Blaireau) and others said about rescale and future value, I think that I will wait on the rescale and live to love the scales on my Fili. The option will always be there if I decide to change my mind...but, I do like the idea of keeping things as original as possible.

    Thank you Gentlemen for your valued opinion(s),

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