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    Default bought a Wade and Butcher-Special. Info?

    I was in an antique store the other day and found an old straight razor for 15$ It's a Wade and Butcher so I figured it couldn't hurt to pick it up. It's not in the greatest shape (some rust, etc.) but it's not dead so I will be sending it off to be honed/restored soon. Anyways, the guy didn't have much information on it. Any help figuring out when it might have been made etc. would be sweet. Figure, probably 1920-30's.

    -Wade and Butcher
    -Blade has a circled "B", the word "special" with an arrow going through it, and a cross.
    -Tang is marked like so:
    "Wade and Butcher
    Sheffield, England
    B >>>----> +" (circled "B" then arrow then cross)
    -Honed out toe
    -middle of the blade measures about 4/8
    -Spike point

    I will try and get pictures
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    I'm also guessing it's a full-hollow

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    Default W&B

    I dotn have this peticular razor but i have a (celebrated medium size hollow) thats whats stamed on the blade. From W&B and it is a great razor w&b is my favorite brand. Thats the only razor i have and probly the only one i ever will have so nice score on that razor.

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    From what I can tell, the Specials were later along in the W&B production. Probably 1910-1920, based on the England in the stamp and just what I have seen of them. They are nice razors.

    And yes, all the ones I have seen have been full hollow. I also haven't seen any as small as 4/8, I think they were typically 5/8 to 6/8. Does yours have a lot of hone wear all along the razor, or just at the toe? If it has a lot of wear all down it's length, it may not be worth the restoration (just have her honed up and remove any active rust). At least, thats my opinion.

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    Thumbs up

    Yeah they are good shavers

    Dylan is dead on, they were late production full hollows

    Here is mine

    I own quite a few razors, I own exactly 2 Sheffield razors, most never much agreed with my face, one is the "Special" and I love that razor to death

    So yes IMHO they are quite "special"...

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