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    Default Dovo Shavettes -- no longer green?

    After my first year of shaving with the Shavette, I'm finally getting my first real straight razor restored! Loved the shave so much.

    However, I also do a lot of travel and I want to repurpose the Dovo Shavette. I'm on my last blade and I just hopped onto SRD to order a replacement of the green holder blades and I noticed they aren't available anymore. Anyone know if SRD is is just out and will get more? Or have they been discontinued and I'm going to need to get a new color holder and blades?

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    Items that are sold out are usually hidden on SRD so probably no big reason to worry
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    The best place to get an answer is from SRD. As far as I know, they don't bite. Good guys at SRD!!
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