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    Nice looking blade.

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    I think it's very handsome and we know it has to be of excellent quality being a Dovo. Plus the price is excellent. I would've paid more for that razor......


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    I'm not sure what is causing the spewing of vitriol, so I'm not even going to get any closer other than to say that it's totally inappropriate and uncalled for.
    I think the point that some of the senior members have been trying to make is that she can either find a great new razor similar to what her boyfriend currently uses, or, with a little time spent, she can find him a good quality, vintage blade that is classy and a bit more unique than some of the more reasonably priced new models.
    Me personally, I'm in to some of the older blades because I like the look of them (not to mention that for the price of one new razor I have three older razors that shave wonderfully). A lot of the new razors don't have some of the embellishments you used to see when everyone shaved with a straight razor. I'm a huge fan of my old clover with the tang that is covered in the same material as the scales are made of. The Dubl Ducks look phenominal, etc.
    If my wife was to buy me a straight razor, I don't think I'd care what she bought me as long as it was nice. I'd just be thrilled that she took the time to research something dear to me and find me something she thinks I would enjoy shaving with.
    Hopefully, if she was to buy me a razor, it would be a well restored, customized vintage model because that's just the kind of person I am.

    All I can say, Alanaalex, is keep looking. There are a lot of people on this forum who are knowledgeable about the subject but don't forget to try and get something that you think he will enjoy. He'll be thrilled that you spent the time looking for something you think he will like that brand and age won't be a big deal (as long as it shaves).

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    Welcome to SRP. Surprises can be nice but as you already admit to being inexperienced it may be better if you ask the bf what works for him already. There is such a variety in blades it is possible to buy something inappropriate for his beard or skill level. He may be able to give you better advice on a gift for him than any of us.
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    Perhaps surprising a straight razor user with a new razor without knowing exactly which one will light his fire could be a tall order. Perhap if you could get some intel on what he has been targeting as his next straight razor purchase.......then you can beat him to it and surprise him.

    All suggestions in this tread are good and well intended. I never knocked a newbie before and never will for all of us were newbies at one time and sometimes we still are.


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