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Thread: "Classified" Genco Expert?

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    Default Serious satisfaction is just around the corner

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyCloud View Post
    The size (6/8), super hollow grind, and blade shape look identical to my fluid steel.
    CrazyCloud - I have a 6/8 Fluid Steel also. If this blade is like the FS, you're gonna be one happy guy. FS is the closest thing I have to the Duck Special #1 - super hollow. Demands and rewards a light touch, and gives outrageous shaves. 'Grats on the find.
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    NOTICE: This is to hereby notify all readers of a world wide Genco recall. These blades have been found to contain trace amounts of kryptonite and need to be handled with extreme care. Special containment facilities have been established for the proper storage and containment of these highly dangerous razor blades.

    If you find yourself in possession of a Genco razor DO NOT throw it away. I repeat: Do not throw it away. PM this user for the address of your nearest containment facility and instructions on how to keep you and your family safe from these dangerous shards of metal.

    This has been a public service announcement.

    Notice: This is a fake public service announcement. I love my Genco. Glad you found this classified material! Though seriously, if anyone has Gencos they don't want I've established a shelter to give them a safe home!
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