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Thread: Cleaning the inside of the handle of a Straight Razor

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    I'm a tissue guy. BUT, I always have air available. I'm a computer repair person, and there is always air available in my house. I dry the razor, do the tissue up between the scales, using the 'saw' method around both ends. Then (while the tissue is still inside the scales) I hit it with air, a lot of air, until not a single drop comes out of the pivot pin area. I wipe some more with the tissue, oil up and put her away until it comes back around in the rotation.. There's no spotting on any of my razors, so I think I'm doing ok.. I'll know more in a few months. My razor collection just keeps growing so the rotation is getting bigger and bigger all the time. Now theres almost a week between using the same razor again. If anything were going to show up, I think it will happen in the next few weeks.

    But that's what I do..

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    I have noticed certain brands of TP to be thicker than others, single guy I buy whats on sale and not john wayne paper. My girl doesnt like this philosophy and only buys the brand she grew up on ...not all two ply is created equal I guess. I keep a roll of the thinner stuff around now so I can have something to dry the razors with, like scott. You can buy single rolls at rite aid and cvs.

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    Several of you guys took the words right outta my mouth on this one. Compressed air will do it fine and placing your razor on a sunny side windowsill will dry it very nicely.
    OOOPS! Pass the styptic please.

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