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    Default Info needed on A. Feist & Co Luna 42 straight razor

    So for a just a couple of euros I got me this straight razor. I want more information. Just curious. Posted it on the B&B forums, but hey, the experts are here I guess


    A worn razor with inscriptions Luna 42 and the luna logo.Luna is A. Feist & Co I found out.
    The moon logo resembles the logo below:

    after some quick polishing.
    What is 42? 1942?
    The box is Tückmar Silber-Stahl Solingen (Beste Qualität) but I guess is not original combination with the Luna razor. Both german and Solingen based but that's it.

    Can't read the tang. Needs more polishing. Edit: with my watchmakers loup I read: MadeInGermany...

    Wondering what material the scales are made of. Some wood with some finishing which is falling apart.

    Both the case and the finish are also coming off because the noobs of the store put heavily adhesive price tags on it... omg

    hollow, no clue about width. Point can be called round i guess.Any clues about details, age, etc? And what is the 42 on the shank?
    Btw, my first straight. Don't know if i dare to use it after restoration. Don't have a strop or other tools either.
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    Hey there!

    A. Feist & co from around 1870-1948. They used the LUNA mark from 1903. 42 could be an inspection mark. I like that razor very much Did you shave with it? Have you had it honed? Where are you from?

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