Ive been dealing long ago with ingrown hairs, back in the day I used a mach 3 (with a terrible technique), and always ended up with lots of ingrowns. Later (about a year and a half ago) I switched to a safety razor a Merkur HD, and also got my technique improved and a day after each shave I only had to deal with just a couple of them.

About a month ago, I got into straight razor shaving, bought a Boker Edelweiss 5/8 which I'm very happy with, and already ordered a Hart Steel 6/8 square point with rosewood scales, and I've had since very few ingrown hairs. Also, in youtube I saw of a video of a man called Mantic speaking about using a soft toothbrush while in the shower through the areas where you have ingrown hairs. So I've tried it and it really helps!

I think that using a pairs of tweezers to pull them out one by one is both painful and annoying.

Hope this tip helps!