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Thread: Question about size of razors on Ebay

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    W&B 'medium size hollow ground' was a 7/8" razor when it left the factory- i know that for as fact, if that helps.... Sounds like the razors have been honed down which is not surprising if they've been around for a while
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    There is no universal way of measuring, that is "Correct" there is not right or wrong there is just different.. If you do some searches here on SRP you will find some "Disscussions" about all the theories, some get pretty far out there..

    For Vintage razors the most honest way and easily checked way is like John mentioned from the edge to the top of the spine, that way there is no doubt of the size..

    BTW A good clue to original size is the thickness of the spine, the size groups have different thickness's
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    W&B 'medium size hollow ground' was a 7/8" razor when it left the factory
    I don't think you're right about that Joe. Spine width is our most reliable indicator. Blade stampings don't have anything to do with original size. With the exception of some blade stampings that were literally the razors size..Like say a Case Queen 3/4 IIRC. But for all I know, they might have been describing the grind.

    Aaand I didn't recall correctly. That's a Henry Sears and Sons Queen 3/4 I was thinking about.
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