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Thread: Wisteria handle, on or off?

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    Was intending to leave mine on but when I got it back from a honer, I noticed a dot of orange. I excised the wrap and revealed a surprising, but not catastrophic, amount of early rust within the first 2cm of handle. Came off pretty easy, but now I'm a bit more wary around wrapped handles.

    Had the tang been lacquered or something first, I'd have left it on. Might arrange a rewrap sometime, though the pure steel is kind of appealing.

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    That sucks, at least you caught it early. Made me a tad bit paranoid as well.
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    I do kamisori wrapping.
    The cane has to be soaked in water for a day before wrapping and then has to be re-wetted every 2 minutes during working.
    The point is that cane dries very, very quickly.
    IMHO, with reasonable diligence, cane should not a major factor for rust.
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