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Thread: Sun November 01st - Sat November 07th

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    Japanese Kamasori style 11/16
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    Proraso pre shave, cream, Kent BK12, Kikuokan 77 Special, Proraso post shave balm

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    HarryWally Brush
    MdC Soap
    NM Shell Strop
    Bruno Daimyo (feudal noble landlord)
    Floid Blue AS

    If you don't care where you are, you are not lost.

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    Gold Dachs DE Wood Handle
    Asco Stainless Blade
    Omega Big Handle Boar
    Maggard Platinum Tobacco & Leather Soap
    Fonex Balm
    Aqua Velva Musk Aftershave & Cologne

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    Default Sunday 1 November 2015

    Sunday 1 November 2015

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    Honing a Mastro Livi RWL34 Straight Razor

    Everything started when some gentlemen told me about their unsuccessful attempts in honing a Mastro Livi RWL34 straight razor. I admit I never honed a Mastro Livi razor because, so far, none of the ones I own needed any edge refresh or honing. As a matter of fact, the very first Mastro Livi straight razor I bought two years and a half ago still shaves like the first day. The same I can say about my first Mastro Livi RWL34 razor and which I bought a little more than two years ago. I however wanted to try this myself and see how hard or difficult was honing a Mastro Livi RWL34 razor. I opted for this razor - the last RWL34 I bought - severely dulled its edge on a glass, then honed it from scratch using a Naniwa 3k/8k combo hone, a Guang Xi stone (Chinese stone), Mastro Livi loom strop, his chromium oxide stick and hand palm. I needed the last and ultimate test in order to assess the quality of my honing and it had to be, of course, shaving. Well, this RWL34 razor has a beautiful edge capable of giving me a super smooth and velvety shave, just like every Mastro Livi razor is capable of giving. As far as I can tell and based on my own experience, honing a Mastro Livi RWL34 straight razor is nothing different than honing any other stainless steel razor and I must tell this RWL34 stainless steel seems to be quite "docile" when you pass it on a hone. Superb Mastro Livi shave, as usual!

    • Pre-Shave: RazorGuy Pre-Shave Oil
    • Soap: RazorGuy Shaving Soap
    • Brush: Mastro Livi Silvertip Badger, Makassar Ebony Handle, 26 mm knot
    • Bowl: Chinese Cheap Bowl
    • Strop: Mastro Livi Small Loom Strop and Hand Palm
    • Razor: Mastro Livi RWL34, 8/8 Full Hollow, Snake Point
    • Post-Shave: Alum Block
    • Post-Shave: Umbrian Extravirgin Olive Oil
    • After Shave: Vifrex Gelée
    The RazorGuy - StraightRazorChannel on Youtube and Google+

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    Razor – Thornehill wedge – 7 day set
    Brush – Simpson Chubby #2
    Soap – Le Pere
    AS – ALUM OSMA Bloc & Le Pere

    Close to a true wedge as possible. Clean shaves are best.


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    Please dont mind my bad english, i´ Rockabillyhelge's Avatar
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    Meatchopper Sunday

    Pre: Warm Water
    Soap: Boots for Men Shaving Soap
    Brush: Grosvenor Mixed
    Strop: GRF Special Edition Prototype
    Razor: W&B 8/8"+
    Directions: With & Tangential
    After: Pitralon AS (german Version)

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    Omega Pure Badger
    Merkur Open Comb
    7 O'Clock S/S
    RVT Soap Rose/Geranium (Roseline)
    Homemade Splash Roseline
    L'occitane Balm

    Band listen with shave - "Queen...Long live Freddy Mercury"

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    "Every time I go and shave, I assume there's someone else on the planet shaving. So I say, 'I'm gonna go shave, too.'
    Mitch Hedberg

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    Quote Originally Posted by MODINE View Post
    Razor – Thornehill wedge – 7 day set
    Brush – Simpson Chubby #2
    Soap – Le Pere
    AS – ALUM OSMA Bloc & Le Pere

    Close to a true wedge as possible. Clean shaves are best.
    Nice!!! Love me a heavy blade. Such a smooth, quiet shave!

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    6/8 SH&B OVB (German made)
    Savonniere du Moulin
    homemade Shavemac 25mm pure fan

    I finished this razor on a thuri for todays shave, Very nice close and comfortable shave. The Savonniere du Moulon is a good soap, nice lather, good post shave feel. This month I'm going to use stuff that deserves more face time. It will probably translate to straights mostly. Have a good one.

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