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Thread: SOTD - 'HOBBY THEME' - Sun Mar 21sth - Sat Mar 27th

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    Thumbs up SOTD - 'HOBBY THEME' - Sun Mar 21sth - Sat Mar 27th

    Welcome to this week's HOBBY themed SOTD.

    Probably to no one's surprise but one of my long life hobbies is photography.

    Featured in my SOTD is a sekonic L-358 digital incident, reflected flash and ambient light Meter and one of my favorite Nikon lenses, AF Micro Nikkor F 2.8D 60MM.

    Wishing everyone a blast in this week's SOTD.

    Location: 36° 10' 25.3416" - 115° 20' 33.198"
    Razor: Quo Vadis
    Brush: Kent BK4
    Cream: EJ Sea Buckthorn
    Astringent: Thayers Witch Hazel
    A/S balm: Muhle Sea Buckthorn
    EDT: Habit Rouge Guerlain
    Result: Heaven
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    Max Sprecher
    əˌfisyəˈnädō | pərˈfekSH(ə)nəst | düvəl ləvər

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    Location: 40°50'38.61"N 73°56'19.68"W
    Music: Cello Sonata No 2 in D Minor, Bach (played on the bass)
    Razor: CV Heljestrand MK No. 31
    Brush: Semogue 2009 LE Boar
    Soap: Yardley
    Astringent: Ogallala Bay Rum
    AS: L'Occitane Cade
    Result: Top Shelf Shave, TSS

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    Default Sunday

    Prep: Hot shower
    Brush: Martinez' custom: Chess King w/ 26mm silver tip badger.
    Soap: TSD Coffee - in my Granddad's shave mug.
    Strop: Tony Miller Heirloom tri-strop
    Razor: Böker - The Celebrated
    ASB: Caswell-Massey Number six

    Soundtrack: Anne-Sophie Mutter - Beethoven

    One of my hobbies is music. I listen to everything from Nirvana (yes, I saw them live in Seattle before they had their break trough) to classical. Sunday morning I usually listen to some of my favorite pieces while I shave. Some of my best shaves are on Sundays.
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    "Cheap Tools Is Misplaced Economy. Always buy the best and highest grade of razors, hones and strops. Then you are prepared to do the best work."
    - Napoleon LeBlanc, 1895

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    Sunday shave. Outside the snow falls, a perfect day for

    Name:  DSC_0678.jpg
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    Film Noir...

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    Default Sunday Morning...

    A hobby of mine since childhood is scale model ship-building.

    Featured in my SOTD is a 1/700 scale model of HMS King George V.

    Bismark Barber’s Special/Simpsons T2 Tulip/T & H Trafalgar/Nivea for Men - Extreme Comfort/Pashana Original
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Mark Twain

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    Livi New Grins 6/8
    Tabac Soap
    24mm Silvertip Penchetta brush
    Adidas AS
    L'oreal Balm

    I don't have my camera handy but my other hobby are watches. I'm slowly building up a small collection.

    Cheers guys,


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    Razor: 6/8 Dovo Renaissance
    Soap: Prairie Creations "Old Spice" type
    Brush: "Clint" Super Badger
    Aftershave: Alum Block / Master's Bay Rum
    Music: Shadowfax - Folk Songs for a Nuclear Village

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    Default Sunday Morning

    Brush: Rooney Style 2, "Super" Silvertip
    Lather: Conk Amber + Bigelow + Glycerine
    Razor: DOVO Blonde Best Quality
    AS: Conk Amber
    ASB: Nivea
    Hobby: As my screen name suggests, I'm a band director...
    Baton: Mollard 12" Cocobolo
    Towel: Home made by one of my students. (no, I don't actually use it)

    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default Sunday

    Well, my hobby is wet-shaving.
    I have a bunch of new stuff I decided to try in this Sundays shave.
    Hot shower. Musgo Real Glycerin Lime Oil Soap. This soap left my face relaxed, moisturized and ready for the shave.
    The Shave:
    Grabbed my Semogue 2000 boar brush that I've been using exclusively for the last weeks and used a small amount of the Top Secret shaving cream. This scent is fantastic, but I really can't describe it. It smeels of a blend of lovely floral/woodsy scents.
    I picked up my freshly honed Johann Briedohr «Breidora» straight razor to try it out. It has some spots on the blade as you can see, but the edge got wicked sharp and buttery smooth. Now I see why the «Les 3 Croix» razors from J. Breidohr are sold at such high prices.
    One pass WTG, the second one XTG was enough for BBS.
    Musgo Real After Shave Balsam. It smells great and soothes the skin leaving it in great shave.

    What a way to start a Sunday!

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    Dovo 55 (scales by Max) // Rooney 1/2 Finest // D.R. Harris Rose // D.R. Harris Pink
    Trumper Spanish Leather
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