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Thread: Sun July 31th - Sat August 06th

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    Razor- Russian "Peace" razor.
    Brush - They calls me BASSMAN 5000
    Soap- TABAC
    AST-Thayers-lemon witch hazel @ Alum blck

    Hi Guy's,
    Been getting into the TABAC. NIce smooth shave off one of my Russian razors. Scored a very nice brush off the SRP classifieds made by our own BASSMAN.

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    Post Week of July 31 SOTD - Sunday

    Of razors/rocks/strops and Men

    Pre-Shave: Hot shower
    Brush: 26mm Simpson "Chubby 2", 2-band Super Badger
    Razor: 13/16" DOVO #300 "Waffen Schmied", Full Hollow Ground, Round Point
    Honing Regimen: Naniwa 1k, Chosera 2k/5k/10k, Nakayama Kiita/Asagi hybrid w/ Tomonagura progression.
    Strop: 30/65 (HandAmerican "Old Dog" Rough leather / HandAmerican "Old Dog" Cordovan leather)
    Überlather: Cyril Salter "Wild Rose" Shave Creme + Trumper's "Rose" Shave Soap + Glycerin
    Toner: Thayer's Witch Hazel (Rose Petal, no alcohol)
    Moisturizer: Trumper's Fragrance-free Moisturizer
    After Shave Splash: Floïd Italian Blue AS
    After Shave Creme: Sabon ASB
    Cologne: Penhaligon "Opus 1870" EdT
    Results: An early shave this Sunday AM. Today, I decided to debut three new things; (1) my new DOVO "Waffen Schmied", (2) My other HandAmerican strop, which I had bought some 14 months ago but used only once, and (3) the Chosera 2k/5k/10k stones (the 1k was back ordered and should receive it sometime end of August). The strop has two leather sides, one "rough", which I believe acts as the equivalent of the standard linen side (but much better and a very nice draw) and a soft cordovan horsehide shell. Like its cousin, the Pegasus III (featured yesterday), this "Old Dog" is amazing (I think I have a new favorite strop ). The DOVO was NOS and was purchased as a "side kick" to an extra hollow W&B which I scored (on its way to Max for his magic). I set the bevel on this beauty with the Naniwa 1k (since the Chosera 1k is back ordered), followed by the Chosera 2k, 5k, and 10k, finally finishing it on the Kiita/Asagi hybrid with slurry. The edge she took was absolutely fantastic, popping hairs (literally) mid air . The Trumper/Cyril Salter combination had a heavenly Rose scent and produced some of the best, slickest and wholesomest lathers I have come to love . The prep made the DOVO's job look effortless, but this razor showed no mercy and wiped the whiskers clean off my face. BBS and zero irritation .

    Have a SPECTACULAR Sunday gentlemen.

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    Thumbs up

    An AMAZING start to this new week gents. Well done
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximilian View Post
    Razor: Fontana

    Summary: Today my shave was total bliss.
    I bet it was Max...That Fontana is a real sweet find

    Quote Originally Posted by SlowRain View Post
    Okay, my first ever SOTD.
    Boker Edelweiss 5/8
    Simpson Beaufort B4 Pure Badger
    The Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream
    Gillette Fusion After Shave Gel
    TOBS Alum block (my astringent)
    Pacific Shaving Nick Stick
    Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Aftershave
    Welcome to the fold SR...FANTASTIC 1st SOTD post for sure. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you

    Quote Originally Posted by fonthunter View Post
    (In this week in my personal SODT: knives and razors from their homeland)
    DECORATION; USA KNIFE: BUSSE SAR-3 SE, with an Orange/Black G10 handle.
    What a nice set of sharp objects. Love the scales on both of them

    Quote Originally Posted by celticcrusader View Post
    TOBS Sandalwood cream
    TOBS Sandalwood balm
    TOBS Sandalwood Eau de cologne

    spent a few hours yesterday setting up my Wifes new ipod touch, syncing with my computer and wireless router, downloading a new version of itunes, then registering, setting up a new e-mail account, what a pain all sorted now.
    What a nice way to treat yourself to some Sandalwood bliss after a successful computer ordeal. Congrats buddy

    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelS View Post
    Razor: DF
    Comments: some of my favorite kit, BBS! DF stands for...anyone?
    Razor is called "Damn Fine". If not that, then it should, LOL. Great gear

    Quote Originally Posted by eTom View Post
    razor: buddelized Castagnon
    You show off, LOOOL. I think you're just to keep up with my Maxterpieces, LOOOOL. I love your Buddelized collection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Otto View Post
    Razor: Moreton & Langley's razor 13/16
    soundtrack: Anne-Sophie Mutter: Beethoven
    Shaving to Beethoven is one of the finer things in life.
    +1, but it depends on which Beethoven's piece. Beautiful M&L too

    Quote Originally Posted by Birnando View Post
    Razor: Mastro Livi 8/8" Custom in ATS-34
    Soap/Cream: Floris Elite shaving soap
    After shave Balm: Floris Elite ASB
    EdT: Floris Elite
    Results: I love this big Livi, the edge it takes is unbelivable. Another software recommendation from Robert. You sure know how to tickle my AD's mate
    LOOOOOOOL Birnando,
    Glad you like the Floris buddy. The "Elite" is one I haven't tried though. That's one beautiful Monster Livi

    PS: How was the Oslo meetup?

    Quote Originally Posted by baldy View Post
    Thankyou for all your support yesterday, it helped a lot. I dont think I could have got through last year without the SOTD Brotherhood. I spent most of this afternoon just hanging out with Jacky Boy doing guy stuff. It was really nice, therapeutic and fun. Just what I needed.

    Razor: Wade & Butcher "For Barber's Only"
    This was a fantastic combination for cleaning away 4 days of growth.

    That's what a brotherhood is all about Grant. In a way Jacky boy is our adopted nephew. We all have a vested interest in his health (and pray for it every day). Glad you had a great time with him brother.

    PS; Congrats on a great shave with a great razor

    Quote Originally Posted by str8fencer View Post
    Notes: I did not shave yesterday due to our meeting so today I woke up feeling like a hobo. This small Helje quickly altered that, smoothly and quickly.
    And how was that meeting. Great choice of razor for today's shave. It seems like regardless of size, they get the job done.

    Quote Originally Posted by jhenry View Post
    Razor: 11/16” Gebr. Herring”
    What a beautiful blade brother...Did you hone her up yourself?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacketch View Post
    Razor: Genco Gold Seal

    Sometimes it astonishes me how a SR can provide such a superior shave over anything else. Straights rule!
    +1 brotha...BIG +1. Great looking Genco you got there too Jack. They are amongst the great shavers for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by NavalArchitect View Post
    Rex Eskilstuna 5/8

    I received this veggie soap few days back, in a nice 1 kg brick. This is a soft soap. Chinese name but Italian made, reportedly with properties and/or performance similar to those of Cella. The soap itself is coconut scented, today during this first shave it offered me excellent glide and also felt pretty slick.
    Congrats on the soap. Sounds wonderful and looking forward to your thoughts on it after a few test runs.

    BTW: Beautiful REX too

    Quote Originally Posted by blueman View Post
    Gem Featherweight
    Gem Coated Stainless (4)
    FS Silver tip Badger
    TOBS Avocado Shave Cream
    Nivea Double Action Balm
    Old Spice Classic After Shave
    Another wonderful shave BM

    Quote Originally Posted by Sailinblues View Post
    RazoRock Italian Barber LE SS
    Greaves Sheafworks
    Hand American Chicago Special
    What a fabulous setup...Love that Greaves. What are your thoughts on the Razorock SS? Also, the HandAmerican strop is amazing. I just began my trials with it and love it so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by MODINE View Post
    Soap- TABAC

    Been getting into the TABAC.
    Hey Mike,
    Good ol' Tabac...Wonderful stuff. Congrats on the brush

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    Default Sunday Morning Shave

    This Morning"s Shave.
    Prep: Shower (Cold Tap only, well over 40˚C)
    Strop: SRD, 50 Poly, 100 Leather
    Brush: Aqua Di Parma, Silvertip Badger, Wenge Wood
    Soap: Speick Stick
    Razor: TI Spartacus, Dreadnought Blade, Ebony Scales.
    AS: Alume Di Rocca Naturale
    Fragrance: Al Ain (Local Weapons Grade Fragrance, used with care)
    Great shave, (I seriously can't remember the last bad one, even when I cut my finger to the bone a couple of weeks ago, the shave was good.)
    Have a great day Gentlemen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celticcrusader View Post
    TOBS Sandalwood cream
    TOBS Sandalwood balm
    TOBS Sandalwood Eau de cologne

    Very satisfiying shave the Gillette super thin blade is up there with the feather blade, two pass shave minor clean up feeling great, spent a few hours yesterday setting up my Wifes new ipod touch, syncing with my computer and wireless router, downloading a new version of itunes, then registering, setting up a new e-mail account, what a pain all sorted now. PS love the knife Bela, being a custom knife collector myself, wouldn't mind seeing a few more of the guys knives included in their shave of the day, given me a idea maybe next week.
    I love my sandal wood shave days!! I use this combo lots though it's been a bit. Going to have to try it again!!!!The TOBS Balm is wonderful!
    I agree on Bela's photo. Nice touch!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by eTom View Post
    Good morning friends.

    soap: Calani
    brush: Muehle
    razor: buddelized Castagnon
    AS: Brut

    Have a nice day
    I love Cocobolo wood grain. Such a nice pattern. Beautiful.

    No Shave this morning as I have to teach some people how to shoot. Maybe have a end of day shave to relax tonight after cleaning guns...
    "We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."

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    Razor:J. Wostenholm & Sons EBRO "Special Hollow Ground"
    Brush:Rooney pure badger
    AS:Thayers Lavender and Hai Karate
    Result:Three days growth wiped clean in two passes thanks to this blade.
    Name:  001.jpg
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    Have a great week of shaves everybody!

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    Quote Originally Posted by easyace View Post

    Brush: Aqua Di Parma, Silvertip Badger, Wenge Wood
    I really love your Aqua Di Parma brush!

    Life is like a cup of tea... it's all in how you make it...

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    dirtybird scuttle : ss: srd vanilla bourbon: asinaud vanilla: brush:simpson b4:razor :easy aces:
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    Default SUNDAY SHAVE

    PREP:Hot shower with face scrub
    RAZOR:Wade and Butcher " For barbers use" Full Hollow
    BRUSH: Rudy Vey Chubby
    UBERLATHER: Qed Sandalwood with Trumpers Sandalwood
    ASB:Trumpers Skinfood Sandalwood
    EDT: Elizabeth Arden for Men Sandalwood
    Had to get up early for work after just leaving there not but 5 hours ago, so I needed a real treat. I havent used an Uberlather since I got carried away with soaps, but this one reignited my love for them. Great lather, and a Nice Sheffield Steel, melted away my 24hr growth like nothing. 3 passes and a touchup to BBS town. At the end put some skinfood and a spray of EA sandalwood, and all is well in the world.
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    Semogue Owners Club Boar brush
    Trumper's Eucris SS
    Joseph Elliot 7/8 Wedge "Best Silver Steel"
    Osma alum
    Old Spice "White Watrer" AS

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