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Thread: Sun August 14th - Sat August 20th

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    Thumbs up Sun August 14th - Sat August 20th

    Location: 36° 0'5"N - 115° 15' 21"W
    Razor: Genco 'Gold Seal'
    Brush: Simpson Polo 10
    Cream: Geo F Trumper Sandalwood
    Astringent: Thayers Witch Hazel
    ASB: AOS Sandalwood
    EDC: Elizabeth Arden Sandalwood
    Summary: I always had a weakness for Genco razors and my 'Gold Seal' being no exception, it performed flawless today. Paired with the top notch GFT Sandalwood cream, AOS Sandalwood ASB and E.A. Sandalwood EDC I can honestly say, I was overwhelmed with Sandalwood fragrance for a very long time.
    As always, I'm also overwhelmed by everyone's participation and brotherhood in our SOTD. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this the best place in cyberspace.

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    Default SODT -- Sunday

    Good morning friends!

    PREP: Proraso Preshave Cream
    BRUSH: KENT BK12 Pure Badger Siver tip
    SOAP/CREAM: Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap
    SCUTTLE / BOWL: Georgetown Pottery Scuttle
    RAZOR: 7/8" Wade & Butcher, The Celebrated Hollow Ground Razor
    STROP: Kanayama Cordovan #30000
    SHAVE: 2 passes, WTG / XTG
    AS: Geo. F. Trumper West Indian Extract of Limes Skin Food
    COLOGNE: Clinique Happy for men EdC
    RESULT: First-class, BBS shave

    Have a nice day
    Life is like a cup of tea... it's all in how you make it...

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    Good morning Gentleman.

    soap: Tabac
    brush: Muehle
    razor: Wade & Butcher
    ASB: Florena
    supervisor: Yoda

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    My "Pipe Razor Beauty" is sleeping late this morning, so I went for the all times reliable & well trusted German/Japanese hardware combo:

    - Shower + Alverde Men Waschgel mit Guaranaextrakt - Erfrishend,
    - FS Richmond Finest Badger Faux Ivory Handle,
    - Trumper’s Violet SC,
    - Merkur 34C HD + Feather,
    - Osma Bloc,
    - Nivea Anti Irritation ASB Extreme Comfort + a dab of Lavender Essential Oil.
    Have a wonderful Sunday Gents
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    Default Sunday morning

    Pre-Shave: A nice warm shower
    Brush: Simpson Persian Jar 2, Super badger
    Razor:Robert Williams Custom, 8/8" in blonde horn scales
    Strop: Kanayama #90000, tri strop
    Soap/Cream: Castle Forbes, Lime Shaving cream
    Scuttle:Schwarzweisskeramik, Large White
    Astringent: Alum
    After shave Balm: Castle Forbes, Lime
    EdT: D R Harris, Arlington
    Results: A very fine Sunday shave. Both soft-and hardware performed beautifully. I'm ready for a relaxing Sunday with the family


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    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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    Default Sunday

    Prep: Hot shower
    Brush: Martinez' Custom: Chess King w/ 26mm silver tip badger
    Soap: Trumper's Officers & Gentlemens Shaving Soap
    Strop: Tony Miller Heirloom tri-strop (3x25)
    Razor: Moreton & Langley's razor 13/16
    ASB: Geo. F. Trumper west Indian extract of limes skin food

    The warmest ( 23C / 73F ) morning here so far this year. I'm getting ready for brunch on my deck.
    Pancakes, eggs and bacon with a healthy dash of Canadian maple syrup on top.

    Have a nice week.

    "Cheap Tools Is Misplaced Economy. Always buy the best and highest grade of razors, hones and strops. Then you are prepared to do the best work."
    - Napoleon LeBlanc, 1895

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    Last nights shave:

    Shaved in the shower. The one part of straight shaving I don't appreciate is that it is dangerous to do with a straight, I used a DE.

    Hot shower
    Stephan's Shaving cream
    1956 Gillette, Wilkinson Blade
    Lilac Vegetal AS
    Vaseline for men.

    Quick and easy shave while in the shower. Then off to dinner with the family. Anyone ever in Bergen County NJ and you like thin crust pizza, you have to hit Kintchley's in Mahwah.

    Enjoy the day.

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    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
    Albert Einstein

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    Fontenille 6/8 Spanish Point, dos decoré, Ambrose Spanish Horse (25/50) , Joris Gris Européen loupe de thuya, Martin de Candre sanns parfum, Emeraude

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    Lovely sunday shave:

    Shave prep: Face wash
    Brush: Haryali badger
    Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
    Scuttle: Robert Becker large
    Razor: Warranted Cast Steel, 6/8 wedge
    Strop: nun2sharp's hanging leather strop
    After Shave Splash: Oriental Spice
    Notes: Slow, comfortable afternoon shave, 3-pass smooth BBS.

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    Have a great day Gentlemen!

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    Merkur 45 Bakelite
    Gillette Super Thin
    FS Finest Badger Butterscotch Handle
    KMF Lavender Shea Shave Cream
    Nivea Double Action Balm
    Old Spice Classic Cologne

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