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Thread: Sun October 23rd - Sat October 29th

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    Thumbs up Sun October 23rd - Sat October 29th

    Location: 36° 0'5"N - 115° 15' 21"W
    Razor: Maxtom
    Brush: C2 - 2 band
    Soap: Cyril R Salter French Vetiver
    Astringent: Thayers Witch Hazel
    AS: Vetiver de Carven
    EDT: Vetiver de Carven
    Summary: We had another gorgeous hot and sunny day (the last few days of the year) but you can tell it's coming to an end and colder times are ahead of us. I love to use the more earthy scents for those colder winter days. What's not better than my 'Numero Uno' choice of Vetiver. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a vetiver junkie . The stronger, earthier and pungent the better. The C2 badger brush is such a dream to use. It's a great brush that not only fits my hands like a glove but also whips up a ton of lather in no time. I also had to test shave a Maxtom so combined with the Vetiver it turned out a total bliss. I couldn't be happier. It was the perfect combo. I got extra approval from both the Missus and Vivi.
    We're heading to the end of the month. Wishing everyone a great, super enjoyable new week!

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    Pre : Shower With Soap From Aleppo
    Razor : EJ DE89L
    Blade : Gellette Sharp Edge
    Brush: Shavemac D01 2-Band
    Scuttle : Schwarzweisskeramik XL
    Soap : La toja Stick
    ASL : Floid Suave
    ASB : 444

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    Default SODT -- Sunday

    Good morning friends!

    PREP: Floïd Sandolor Pre Shave Gel
    BRUSH: SIMPSON POLO PL10, Best Badger
    SOAP/CREAM: Castle Forbes Shaving Cream Levender Essential Oil
    SCUTTLE / BOWL: Fitjar Lathering Up Shaving Bowl
    RAZOR: 6/8" Le Talisman / PEROUX-COGNET, Thiers
    STROP: Kanayama Cordovan #30000
    SHAVE: 2 passes, WTG / XTG
    AS: Musgo Real After Shave Balsam
    COLOGNE: Eau de Cologne LAVANDA Ach. Brito
    RESULT: BBS shave

    1956 October 23 HUNGARY

    Have a nice week,
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    Default Sunday

    Good Morning Gentlemen,

    I had a couple of days away in Abu Dhabi. Arrived back last night and caught up with all of the great SOTD posts. I made do with a feather DE, joy to be back and shave with a straight this morning.

    Prep: Shower
    Strop: TI Paddle Strop
    Brush: Semogue, 2030 Boar
    Cream: Proraso
    Razor: Dovo Master's
    Finish: Allume Di Rocca Narturale
    EDC: Jo Malone 154 Cologne

    I didn't shave yesterday, face felt like it was covered with sandpaper. Lovely 3 pass shave. Nice and smooth.

    Have a Great Week
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    Thanks, Béla.
    You gave us the chance for remembering the revolution in Hungary 1956.
    3 years ago in the GDR there was the same situation.
    Both revolutions colapsed.

    Here you get my personal SOTD:

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    Good morning Gents!

    Shave prep: Face wash
    Brush: Frank Shaving finest badger
    Soap: Crabtree & Evelyn, Sandalwood
    Scuttle: Robert Becker large
    Razor: Le Hospital Bayle Annonay, 6/8 round point hollow
    Strop: nun2sharp's hanging leather strop
    After Shave Splash: Home made Sandalwood splash
    Notes: I just honed the razor this morning, it needed a lick on the hones and it effortlessly plowed through my morning stubble. The sandalwood splash is a new blend of mine, a touch of geranium and coriander supports the wood, and citrus plays in the top. It weighs in at 72% alcohol/144 proof, and has a little glycerin in it for hydration. I often think sandalwood can be too much, but this is just right. Slow comfortable 2-pass shave left me wonderfully BBS. Feeling good this morning!

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    I wish you all a wonderful week!

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    SOTD Sunday 23

    Pre: Clarin’s shave easy oil
    Brush: Altesse, white badger (Model 72228)
    Soap/Cream: Tabac, Shaving Soap
    Strop: Herold Razor Strop (Model 9185)
    Straight Razor: Eagle Cutlary 13/16, Half Hollow. Spike point.
    AS: Balsam Tabac
    Cologne: Tom Ford, For Men
    Two passes. Nice and smooth shave.

    Have a nice day, gents

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    Default Sunday morning

    Pre-Shave: A shower
    Brush: Rooney's finest
    Razor: Puma Gold
    Honing Regimen: touched up on a Norton Barber hone
    Strop: Neil Miller cordovan shell
    Soap/Cream: Acqua di Parma
    Scuttle:Schwarzweisskeramik, Large White
    Astringent: Osma Alum, rinse, Thayer's Medicated SuperHazel
    After shave Balm: Acqua di Parma Colonia
    EdT: Acqua di Parma Colonia
    Results: As some of you guys may know, back in February I wrecked my foot and suffered 25 fractures in it. My surgeons told me that I would never be able to run again. Well, yesterday I stepped up on my treadmill. Six kilometers later, my surgeons were proven wrong What a great feeling to get a proper run in! I'll be pacing myself, but now my lost goals seem achievable once again. A celebratory shave today completes my perfect weekend
    Have a great week guys!!


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    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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    Location: Coffs Harbour Australia
    Strop: MickR's Roo Hide
    Brush: Silvertip Badger in Cocobolo
    Soap: L'Occitane Cade
    Razor: Wade & Butcher "For Barber's Only"
    Astringent: Thayer's Lemon Witch Hazel
    Balm: C.O. Bigelow Mentha
    A/S: Wahl Bay Rum
    Its been 3 or 4 days since my last shave so I decided the recently touched-up W&B might be a suitable option.
    And what a great selection it was. 3 slow passes and I'm smoooooth as a catfish's belly
    This was an afternoon shave and my youngest son Elvis was hangin' out with me for this one.
    He loves sampling the aftershaves.

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    Have a great week gentlemen and thanks for the great posts and pics
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    Clint Eastwood as William Munny in Unforgiven

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birnando View Post
    Six kilometers later, my surgeons were proven wrong
    What brilliant news! Happy for ya

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