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Thread: Sun December 11th - Sat December 17th

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    Sat, Dec 17
    Brush: Vie-Long Horse
    Soap/Creme: Arko
    Razor: German Open comb travel razor (unbranded)
    Blade: Gillette Goal
    Pre: Shower
    Post: Witch Hazel
    Hair Groom: Gabel's Pomade
    Result: The Arko and vie-long horse made a great lather together. it was especially rich and protective. it took a twinge longer than usual, but the results were first rate. the razor is based on the Gillette OLD (one of my favorite vintage razors), and was pretty good, but the razor was milder than the old. This yielded a less close shave and less beard reduction than an ols style, btu also a very gentle shave, a bit like a tech. I find the tech ( and, I think, this travel razor) too mild, but it may well be perfect for those who like extra mild razors, but dislike how they clog up. That isn't me, so if, after a blade change it still tests too mild ( which it probably the case), then I will probably give it to a friend who uses mild razors. Good shave day overall, though. I wanted a fairly gentle shave, and got one.

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    Another maiden voyage-this time of my Dovo Bismarck
    Dovo Bismarck-6/8
    Chubby 2
    Mama Bear's Lime Ice
    Alcolado Glacial
    Proraso AS
    Music-Genesis-The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    Thanks SRD-lightening delivery, razor sharp edge!
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    Saturday shave - cut #2.... $#!@!

    Today's set-up:

    Dovo 6/8 Best quality (15 webbing . 50 leather)
    Badger brush
    JM Frasier's SC
    Aqua Velva Ice Blue
    Nivea Sensitive ASB

    and....... styptic.

    Somehow (I have NO FRICKAN IDEA how) i cut myself today: I must have turned my head a bit on my left jaw line - and I got a cut. I don't recall any blade sticking or anything - just a quick reminder to respect the blade, I guess.


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    Saturday night and im going out

    Razor: Dovo Best Quality 6/8
    Brush: Van Der Hagen natural boar
    Pre-Shave: Prorasso pre/post creme w. aloe & green tea (white) + hot towel
    Soap: Prorasso (white) soft soap
    AS: Prorasso Aftershave Balm
    soup bowl happened to match the paraphernalia

    Wanted no surprises before going out for a night on the town with Proraso (white) for sensitive skin or anyone who's not a fan of eucalyptus. It has a soapy green tea aroma. Same for the pre-shave fallowed by a hot towel and reapplied before another pass. The Proraso aftershave balm is very soothing with a light smell for a clean comfortable finish. My soup bowl and cheap Walgreens pharmacy brush just happened to match by coincidence.
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    Saturday Evening Shave
    Razor: Manhattan Cutlery "The Celebrated"
    Brush: Omega Pro 49
    Lather: MWF
    Strop: 30 on SRD Web & 60 on episaacs handmade Roo strop
    Astringent: Alum & Witch Hazel
    AS: DR Harris Marlborough
    ASB: Trumper's Unscented
    Cologne: DR Harris Marlborough
    Comments: It felt good to get a straight shave again after using a DE for so many days. Shaves will be less frequent while I'm on holidays and I also want to see if I can get my neck ingrowns all healed up. I will revive The Noob Chronicle later today, as well. Have a great Sunday, my SOTD Brothers!

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