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Thread: Sun April 8th - Sat April 14th

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    Default Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

    Prep: Hot Shower, Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil Soap
    Strop: Lipshaw Microtome
    Brush: Simpsom Polo 10
    Soap/Cream: Williams
    Razor: Herm Konejung AG
    Aftershave: Tuscany (balm)
    E.D.T.: Tuscany

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    Have a Happy Easter to all !!!
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    Great themed SOTD images, everyone! Happy Holiday weekend to those faiths celebrating!

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    Good evening Gentlemen!

    Shave prep: Face wash
    Brush: Custom 28mm silvertip in wood and horn
    Soap: Martin de Candre Perle
    Scuttle: Robert Becker extra large
    Razor: Unknown sheffield, 6/8 wedge, barber's notch
    Strop: nun2sharp's hanging leather strop
    After Shave Splash: "the barber of baghdad" home made splash
    Notes: Lovely unhurried shave today, 3 passes to BBS. The razor was smooth and sharp, the suds vere warm and copious, and the splash was a great ending to my shave. I made this splash inspired by a passing in the story of 1001 nights, where Sheherazade awakes in a room fragrant with burning incence with sandalwood and spices, and fresh oranges.

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    Prep L'Occitane Lavender Soap
    Razor Vintage Japanese Fon Golden Star 7/8
    Brush Simpson Chubby 1 in Super
    Pre Shave Burt's Bees Shave Cream
    Vulfix Persian Musk Shaving cream
    Alum + Witch Hazel
    Botanics Moisturiser
    L'Occitane Bavx Balm
    L'Occitane Bavx EDT.


    The Fon Golden Star gave up a beautiful Easter sunday shave, two pass shave with minor touch up.

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    spring is coming...

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    Razor: 5/8 Louis Perlman
    Prep: hot water, hair conditioner
    Brush: van der Hagen (boar)
    Soap: Top Secret shave cream
    A/S: Witch Hazel
    Cologne: Joop Homme
    Result: A great shave

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    Happy Easter!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eTom View Post
    spring is coming...
    ...but very slowly. In Budapest was morning 29F (-2C).

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    Gentlemen, Easter menu served in the shave den:

    Razor: Wutz, an 11/16 Sheffield-ground blade
    Razor: Merkur 34C HD
    Blade: Feather on its second and last tour
    Brush: Thater 24 mm. silver tip
    Cream: St. James of London's Cedarwood and Clarysage (I understand this has been discontinued, which is too bad, because it was a good cream, although the cushion could have been better)
    Pre-shave: Castle Forbes
    Scuttle: Schwarzweisskeramik
    Witch hazel
    Balm: Institute Karite
    Aftershave: Agua Lavanda Puig
    Music: Pair of little symphonies by the Portuguese Rococo composer Jose Antonio Carlos de Seixas
    ("The man who has music in his soul will be most in love with the loveliest" Plato
    Finisher: Enjoying a blend of Columbia and Brazil coffees and savoring my grandson's excited thanks to the Easter Bunny

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    First off Happy Easter Everyone.....

    Well it took Me 47 Years to have this shave, YES... I said 47 Years.... Today is not only Easter, But My Birth Day.

    I took My Time Today.. It was a Nice shave and the set up felt Great. I Put some baby oil and Rose pedals in My burner to warm up. As that was going on I stropped the Twin Works 50 times. I then rubbed in the warm oil and wrapped a Very hot cloth over My face(*&%%#!#, That was to HOT!!!!!) I then worked up a nice lather that was mixed with Mama Bear's and VDH soap and had it on the burner to warm up.

    Prep MUSIC = Happy Birthday By: The Beatles
    Prep = warm rose pedals/oil and Very Hot wrap
    Lather = Warm VDH & Mama Bear's Cannabis
    Brush = VDH Boar
    Mug = Pick Me Up (Big Coffee Cup)
    RAZOR = J.A. Henckles Twin Works
    A/S = Warmed Baby oil and Rose pedals rub
    Shaving Music = Mix of Led Zeppelin

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysticguido View Post
    Well it took Me 47 Years to have this shave, YES... I said 47 Years.... Today is not only Easter, But My Birth Day.
    Happy Birthday mate, I hope it turns out to be the finest of days

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