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Thread: Sun April 15th - Sat April 21st

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    Pre : Shower + Proraso Pre
    Bowl : Robert Becker Scuttle
    Brush : Semogue 1305 Boar 22MMx55MM
    Safety Rotbart Mond Extra Nº15.5
    Blade : Rapira Super Stainless #1
    Soap : Martin De Candre Shaving Soap
    Post : Pinaud Clubman Aftershave Lotion

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlmaloschneider View Post
    How do you go stropping that? I find my Törnblom a little difficult to strop because of the very thin ivory scales; I'm always worried I'll break them...
    The problem isn't so much with the plastic as it is with the very sharp cutouts right where the tang begins. They are very sharp and scratch the strop if you go to deep onto the tang. Other than that, it does just fine. The scales it is in are VERY heavy!! and at least the metal thru to the pin is good. It's that darn little monkey tail that is the real worry, it has some fractures in the plastic and looks like it could give out at any moment!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mjhammer View Post
    David, you cannot help but comment, it is just in your nature, isn't it? Your our second bladerunner now, aren't you!!

    You were part of the reason I went to the other site, and I just read your post today. Their loss is our gain, and I for one am glad you are on board with us.

    Thanks for being part of our SOTD!!

    Mike, thank you for those kind words. Much appreciated. I know Robert has been absent(bar one post) for some time now, and I just enjoy getting involved with the SOTD in the way that I do. It was unfortunate that I had to make that post over there, but it was the security issue on that site that led to it.
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    - Garry Moore - Still Got The Blues (Live) - I just love this guy...,
    - Hot shover + Tabac Luxury Soap,
    - Tabac Deodorant Vaporisateur,

    - Frank Shaving Richmond Finest Badger Faux Ivory Handle,
    - Tabac Shaving Soap Stick,
    - Merkur 34C HD + Feather DE - my favorite DE combo,
    - Tabac Eau de Toilette.

    Name:  21042012a.jpg
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    I wish You all a wonderful Sunday gentleman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dslazar9 View Post
    Nice pairing of music and cream! And amazing great music, I love Django and Stephane Grappelli! You've inspired me to listen to this myself today-thanks.
    Yes, the Hot Club of Paris created some tasty jazz. I am glad I have company in their fan club, my friend. Thanks.
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    Razor: GD 300
    Prep: hot water, Barbasol
    Brush: no name boar
    Soap: local goat milk shave soap
    A/S: witch hazel
    Cologne: Joop Homme
    Result: A great shave

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    Pre-Shave: Hot towels
    Brush: SRP Thäter
    Razor: Brian Brown 8/8 Custom
    Strop: 40/60 Neil Miller Linen/Kanayama Cordovan
    Cream: TOBS Jermyn Street
    After shave: L'occitane Verdon
    Results: It's been a week since last shave, a busy week with lots of work and little sleep. Got the Jermyn Street tub from Amund today and had to try it right away, I'm usually not a cream guy, but this one I really liked, great scent and a good performer, the Thäther wipped up a ton of lather in no-time in the new bowl I got on a flea marked today (it came in set with a slightly bigger bowl and together they did the job as scuttle as they where made for it The shave was heavenly, the BB mowed down last weeks growth like nothing, as perfect as a shave can be

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    Was going with the Twine Works when I felt some tugging. I switched over to Wade & Butcher's Bow Razor. Again I sweet shave and start to a Great Weekend.

    Perp = Hot face wash and Softee Coconut oil rub.
    Brush = VDH Boar
    Mug/Bowl = Pick Me Up (Big Coffee Cup )
    Lather = VDH base w/ Mama Bear's Cannabis & 6 Drops Glycerin
    Razor(s) = Twin Works (Starter) W&B Bow Razor (Finisher)
    A/S = Baby Oil Splash.

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