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Thread: Sun August 19th - Sat August 25th

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    Gentlemen, here is today's shave bill:

    Razor: Pensylvania (one "n"), a French-made 13/16 round point 1/4 hollow, restored with custom scales and honed by Sham
    Brush: Thater 24 mm. silvertip
    Cream: Xpec original
    Pre-shave: Castle Forbes
    Scuttle: Moss
    Face lather
    Witch hazel
    Balm: Coral Skin Food by Trumper
    Aftershave: Spanish Leather by Trumper

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    Shave prep: Face wash
    Brush: Haryali badger
    Soap: l'Occitane Cade Cream
    Scuttle: Robert Becker extra large
    Razor: Clas Törnblom, 5/8 smiling frameback
    Strop: nun2sharp's hanging leather strop
    After Shave Splash: Woody chypre home made splash
    Notes: Great shave from this little swede, I just restored it and wanted to patina it. Used vinegar/lemon juice. Unsure of how much I like it, it did not turn as dark as I wanted. The spine and edge are nice and shiny, I was hoping for a better contrast. Anyways, it takes a great edge and provided a smooth 2-pass BBS.

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    Default Week of Aug 19 SOTD - Sunday

    Pre-Shave: Hot shower
    Brush: 27mm Simpson Chubby 2 Super Badger
    Razor: 7/8" Iwasaki 2-chou Gake (二丁垳) w/ waxed cotton handles
    Honing (Refresh): None needed
    Strop: 5/25/60 laps (w/ 3:7 ratio on Torolf Linen / SRD Premium IV English Bridle leather / Ambrose Horsehide Clàsico leather)
    Soapreme: D.R. Harris "Arlington" Shave Creme + D.R. Harris "Arlington" Shave Soap + Glycerin + 1 drop of liq. Lanolin
    Astringent: Thayer's Original Witch Hazel
    After Shave Splash: D.R. Harris "Arlington" AS
    After Shave Balm: D.R. Harris "Arlington" ASB
    Cologne: D.R. Harris "Arlington" EdT
    Results: Hey team SOTD; An outstanding series of shaves to start the week in every corner of the world. Nicely done . An out of this world shave for me today . The Kamisori needed no touch ups and delivered an exceptionally smooth shave. And of course, the D.R. Harris line of software needs no introduction to this crowd. I am sporting a BBS face and ready for a full day ahead with family .

    Wishing you a FANTABULOUS Sunday gentlemen .


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    Razor: Jones Mfg, Chicago
    Brush: Jade handled boar
    Soap: RazoRock Zi' Peppino
    AS: Thayers Lavender followed by English Leather
    Result: Great shave from an unsung and largely unknown American manufacturer. The RazoRock was wonderful as always. Finished it all up with the vintage English Leather. True BBS and ready to go to go to work for the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeRunner001 View Post
    Ouuuch Mikael,
    Feel better bro...It's not fun being KO'ed. I've been sporting a very nasty ear ache from an infection for the past week, which is slowly going away (naturally).
    Cheers Robert! I feel you pain and I actually had the same early this summer, no fun at all , it's very nice to see you around here anyhow

    Quote Originally Posted by LegalBeagle View Post
    Tease! I can't believe you taunt us with a story of an NOS razor and then leave us hanging about what kind...
    Yeah, well, I can give you this much: it's not from Japan, but made in Europe

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    Sunday Afternoon Shave.

    Warm Shower, Stephan's rubbed into the whiskers
    Home made Pre-Shave Balm
    Dirty Bird Scuttle
    Nancy Boy Signature Series SC
    Custom Badger by Tim
    Boker, Red Injun 101, 5/8 full hollow
    SRDP1 50 felt 75 leather
    Razorock Aluminum
    Pinaud Bay Rum
    Vaseline for men

    This was the first razor I ever honed and used. I originally honed it on Norton 1K,4/8K. Th edge was just fine but I wanted to bring it to where I've been able to get other edges so I ran it on the Naniwa 12K, .5 Crox and .25 Diamond Spray. Stropped it up and shaved. Very nice!!! I find I am getting pretty good at getting the edge of my razors how I like them.

    Enjoy the rest of the evening.

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    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
    Albert Einstein

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    Sun, Aug 19

    Pre: Hot Shower
    Razor: Hart 6/8" Rosewood Handle Square Tip
    Brush: Thiers-Issard Super Badger w/ Black Horn Handle
    Soap: Classic Brand Bay Rum
    After Shave: Proraso White

    I decided to touch up my Hart and try it again and I found it performs much better now. Liking the fact that I have gotten to the point where I get little to no irritation on my neck now.

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    13/16 Aiku, Full Hollow Ground, Square Point
    Kanayama No.3 Strop
    Simpson Duke 2 Best
    JabonMan Lima-Pimienta Mentolado Soap
    Cold Water Rinse
    Old Proraso Splash
    C&E West Indian Lime Cologne


    "Difficulties mastered are opportunities won" - Winston Churchill

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    Last day of my vacation Tired. I need a day off to recover from vacation. Not sure which razor to use today. As i was putting some away. My Coopers Bro 7day set was out. So i grabbed monday. Seriously amazing shave. Great start to the week.

    Tony Miller strop
    Vestavia Brush
    Dr Harris Lavender + TOBS St James
    Coopers Bro
    Skin Food
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Today's shave was the best straight razor shave I've achieved yet:

    Razor: Kanenaga kamisor, honed two weeks and 4 shaves ago, on a Arashiyima 6k, Takashima J-nat, and Yaginoshima. Stropped on leather.
    Brush: Crowley & Tosh Silvertip Badger
    Cream: Acqua di Parma
    Pre-shave: hot towel
    Scuttle: Georgetown Pottery G20
    Balm: Acqua di Parma

    After a careful stropping session, I lit into my prepped face with this reasonably priced kamisori. I could feel that my confidence was high. I rode this high into a careful round of skin stretching and Against The Grain. Today was a milestone. Today, I shaved as smoothly as I had been with my Gilette Fusion 5 blade obscenity of convenience and reliability.

    Today. I'm a straight shaver.



    P.S.: So, I'm not perfect ... I cut my chin, right at the cleft. Little cut, about a sixteenth of an inch, but it bled like mad. Styptic failed, balm failed, tp failed. I hit it with some Bombay Sapphire ... well, it helped a lot. In about 30 minutes, I could ignore it and appear in public. I went with friends to have a few beers, and secretly wished they asked why I was so clean-shaven. Smooth, brothers, BBS.

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