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Thread: Sun October 28th - Sat November 03rd

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    QCS Key Lime - Zebra Wood Silvertip - Rolls Razor - Dr. Harris Arlington


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    TI 6/8 Razor
    MWF Shaving Soap
    AOS Balm
    Clubman ASL

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    Nice, slow and steady shave today.
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    Neil Miller clad Lipshaw strop~Jos. Rodgers and Son~Pre de Province~Rubberset Badger~Musgo Real

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    Nice shave today with a new restore: Star Spangled Rodgers
    Thanks for sharing, Tarkus! Makes the hobby more fun!

    Everyone have a great week!
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    Prep: Quick Shower
    Razor: 11/16 Bresnick Vesuvius, Grim Reaper
    Strop: Illinois 827
    Cream: Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar
    A/S: Alum Block, Floid Blue

    Result: Great Shave with this razor. Now off to church with the family, then lunch with friends. Have a great Sunday.

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    Blog Entries


    Sunday Shave and Haircut
    Prep: Lukewarm Shower, Clearly Natural Aloe Vera
    Razor: T. Noonan and Sons Arabic
    Brush: Omega Boar
    Soap: Tabac Shavesitck
    AS: Nivea Balm, Thayer's Lavendar Witch Hazel
    Finish: Classic Match (CK Obsession)
    Decided this was far too nice a razor to settle for "almost there" and toss it in the cabinet only to use in once in blue moon. The edge is there it's just a bit muddy. So before I took it back to the stone, I decided to employ a highly technical strategy known as "stropping the piss out of it" After a couple hundred laps on canvas and leather, the edge seemed a bit crisper. The haircut was near BBS and the face shave was really good too.
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    When deciding on which razor today i almost forgot about my Dovo 55. Boy she lived up to her rep. Outstanding shave. It has also been a while since i used Bayrum. What a wonderful scent. Loved every minute of my shave till my daughter came in. Makes me nervous when i have an edge to my throat. LOL!

    Great start to a week. Let hope this PERFECT Storm there predicting for us is a bust!

    Tony Miller strop
    TGN 24mm
    Ogallala Bayrum
    Dovo 55 8/8
    Ogallala AS
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    Ironically, I saw Rene's post come up as I was taking my picture for tomorrow's shave. I also reached for the Dovo but I paired it with the Bomb in my custom Rose/Sandalwood scent. The lather will be beaten into submission with the Rover and I'll just have to see what strikes me in the smelly category. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great start to the week. Personally, I'll be watching the locals act like it's the apocalypse as Sandy does its thing along the east coast...

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    Prep: Warm shower
    Brush: AoS Pure Badger
    Cream: C.O. Bigelow
    Bowl: Hand Made Japanese Bowl
    Razor: Dovo 5/8 Carpe Diem in multiwood handles
    Strop: SRD 3in Black Latigo w/ poly
    Shave: 2 passes WTG and XTG
    AS: Aqua Velva Ice Blue
    ASB: Gillette Fusion ProSeries Intense Cooling
    Results: The shave that I had this morning was something to write home about. The sun, the moon and the stars aligned. The stropping felt and sounded amazing the lather came together like a dream. The razor cut though my beard like a Laser and when I was done I archieved BBS. After my shave it was time for a 7 mile run. I wish my run was as good as my shave.
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    6/8 Wade & Butcher "The Celebrated", Extra Hollow Ground, Square Point
    Imperial Shave Pegasus III Strop
    Simpson Chubby 2 Super
    D.R. Harris Lavender Soap
    Cold Water Rinse
    Proraso Splash
    Creed Green Irish Tweed

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    Prep L'Occitane Cedarwood Soap
    Razor Vintage Maxotte 5/8
    Brush Simpson Chubby 1 in Super
    Cream Simpsons
    Alum & Witch Hazel
    Clinique Moisturiser
    Penhaligon's Castile Edt


    A lovely super smooth two pass shave.

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