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Thread: Sun - June 02th- Sat June 08th

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiamPBoyle View Post
    No shave yesterday or today. Skin recovering from a poorly considered multi-pass Tursday morning and last night I attacked my strop with a pumice stone for some minor nicks along the edge and treated it with some strop conditioner which takes time to dry fully.
    Hang in there brother.
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    If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first four sharpening the axe. - A. Lincoln

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    Oh tomorrow's shave will be all the more worth it. Plus I took some time out to study lynn's stropping video again so the razor and myself will be even more ready.
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    Preshave: JD Old Number 7 on rocks, AOS Lemon Oil
    Cream: Arko
    Scuttle: G5 Georgetown
    Brush: AOS Best
    Strop: Illinois 127 ( no comparison to a Tony Miller )
    Blade: Wacker Jungmeister 7/8 horn
    AS: Old Spice !
    Cologne: Old Spice - JD #7 !

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    Prep: Hot shower, Nivea Moisturizing Face scrub
    Pre: AoS Lavendar Pre Shave oil
    Strop: SRD Black Latigo
    Brush: AoS Badger
    Cream: Musgo Real Orange Amber
    Razor: Dovo Best Quality 6/8
    After Shave: Musgo Real

    Simple but great shave today. Got my order from Mike's Natural Soap today, so I have some goodies to try this week!

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