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Thread: A first razor for my daughter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasman View Post
    A restored Lady Gillette would be my choice. Dont know about the one you listed but Lady Gillette was a big deal in pink.
    Agreed. I bought one for my wife in her birth year and we made a big deal about it being as old as she is. Of course, I shaved with it before I cleaned it up -- nice shave.

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    I like the idea of driving to Maggard's. The bonus is the father daughter time. If you and she want to go the vintage route, you could get her a brush and soap at maggard's.

    On the vintage side, I think the Gillette Tech's are hard to beat. Some folks have already mentioned the Lady Gillettes. As well, I'm pretty sure that the Merkur 1904 / 1906 is much like a Gillette Tech.
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    Thumbs up

    My regular shaver is a mid-1960s Lady Eversharp [Schick] K-2 (a long-handled injector razor). I found that the length makes it easier for me to get a better face-to-blade angle, and keeps me from applying unnecessary pressure. I would have preferred it without the glitter; but I did buy three of them — in turquoise, pink, and white — for my daughters and their mother (together with matching brushes from eShave, which are still available). Great shavers, all!

    PS: I've found that single-edge injector blades (I use Ted Pella) are preferable to their double-edge counterparts — fewer nicks, etc.

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    My wife started using a DE last year. I got her this one 1st.
    purple long handle safety razor from Maggard.

    Then found a nice lady gillette in blue color on eBay for like $18 shipped.

    She switches between the 2 every month or so.
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    The one from Maggards is the same my other half started with as well. It's a good razor and not a big investment
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    These are nice looking. Not fimilar with injector razors. We ended up with the cheep tto from maggard in gold. She loves it.
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