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Thread: New to adjustable DE but Straight experience question

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMC_SS_LDO View Post
    I looked at the QShave due to the price point, but opted for the Merkur instead. As mentioned, didn't want to contend with quality questions adding to the learning curve. The Merkur seems very well reviewed but unique with its own challenges.

    So far, so good and pleased with the results with a little learning!



    Some of those Q-Shaves are reviewed extremely well, while others (like mine) have that pesky blade reveal issue. Caught me totally off-guard and it was the razor burn from hell with a Feather blade. I can get the Q-Shave to line up evenly on both sides, but it takes some tweaking.

    I must also apologize for mis-reading your original post. I was multi-tasking and thought I had read you were coming from a disposable. Coming from a straight changes the dynamics considerably.

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