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Thread: Shaving With Glasses

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    Wow! Thank you all so much. I have not seen that video but I'm going to right now and thanks for the tips everybody!

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    I have similar issues though i can still see with mine off I tend to end up missing spots usually i go back afterwards and touch up by feel

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshKincaid View Post
    Hello Gents!

    I'm not sure about everyone's vision, but mine is pretty poor, and I have to use glasses to shave with my Dovo until I can get ahold of some more contact lenses. Whenever I get to my neck area, stretching the skin by looking up usually means that I can no longer see the razor clearly and so I'm stuck with only a so-so shave. Would it be better to just not be able to see my neck and try to "feel" the razor, or should I sacrifice skin stretching so I can see what I'm doing. Disclaimer: I am pretty new to straight razor shaving and I love it! Is there any techniques or tricks you all can think of to get around this issue??

    I have a magnifying mirror that I can mount to the side of the main bathroom mirror - the mirror is mounted on a scissor arm. Using that, I can take my glasses off and still see what I am doing. Not a replacement for seeing well, but it works pretty good.
    Hope this helps.


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    My eyesight is fairly horrible. I cant read a stop sign from more than two feet away. My biggest problem is the earpieces getting in the way when I'm trying to shave my sideburns. As far as seeing the neck goes, I just stand back a little and lean forward. You have to be careful using lean in technique though, depending on beard grain direction. once or twice I had the scales bump against the mirror trying to get a closer look at what I was shaving. It's caused at least one nick and a near miss on me.

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    I have pretty bad eyesight myself and wear glasses, sometimes when I need to see I will put the ears of my glasses higher on my head making the lenses point down a bit and I can usually see well enough that way.

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