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Thread: Do you Strop in between passes ?

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    I have done this before. My thoughts were why not? Barbers of old did it. Some in Italy palm strop between passes. I usually don't anymore just because (my dad always hated that saying) but like Oz said give it a try and see what YOU think.
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    Never tried it. I toned down the amount of stropping I do before and after due to time constraints. Adding steps between would be counter productive in a way, since my current goal is to get close, clean, and comfortable faster. Might be worth giving it a shot on the weekends when I have more time to devote to the experience.

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    It shouldn't need it.

    When I was a kid barbers were still using straights and I never saw a barber strop during a shave. It was always before and never after either.
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    I agree with Spender. Stropping during a shave is not a necessary step. In my years as a kid in Chicago I never saw a barber incorporate a mid-shave stropping to refresh a blade.
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    So...I usually shave my entire face on Saturdays and leave a goatee for the rest of the week. 3 passes around the goatee I only do the usual strop. On Saturday, I will strop after the first pass just because the goatee is so thick and I find that it helps with the next 2 passes.
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    I must have read the same book some years back

    I did this for about a year, want to say 2009 ish

    Did 20 laps between 1st and 2nd pass on leather..

    I found it allowed time for the lather to set up better, so there is that, but never really noted a difference in the feel of the edge..

    On personal shaves I pretty much use a single multi-direction pass so I have no use for it any longer, but yeah it slowed down the shave, and can't say anything bad about the idea...

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    I've done it before in attempt to smooth out the shave. I didn't notice a difference though, so I switched razors mid-shave and it went to the hone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nessmuck View Post
    Was reading some old shaving books posted By Jimmy HAD ...and it mentioned stropping after the first pass ...never done it ...but it wouldn't hurt ! Do Youns strop aftah the first pass ?
    No open. Not necessary.

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    Of course, I strop prior to each shave. These days, I use the Mastro Livi loom strop, also using his stropping technique, followed by stropping on the palm of my hand.

    Then I strop on the palm of my hand before each pass. Have been doing it for some years, so it has become a habit. I don't know where I picked that up. Then a few months ago, when I saw Mastro Livi doing the same thing, I figured I wasn't nuts.

    Does palm stropping between passes help? I think it does, at least that's what my face tells me. Good stuff.

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    I have tried it and didn't notice any difference, so it went out the way of the dodo. If your razor can't handle a full shave without needed to be stropped I think something is wrong.
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