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Thread: First SR Shave, Dovo Prima Silver Steel "Factory Edge"

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    Default First SR Shave, Dovo Prima Silver Steel "Factory Edge"

    So I conducted the "Shave Test" according to Gssixgun. Dovo claims it's products to be "Shave Ready" with factory edge. It did cut beard with one pass, but not with as much ease as Gssixgun's honed razor in his "Shave Test" video. I would highly recommend sending it off to be honed. I am putting it in tomorrow's mail for Glen to hone. So for anyone out there beginners especially, be smart, send it to be honed by one of the pros on this forum. Will let you know how it comes back.....
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    Your making a good choice. Hand honed is so much better from what i understand. Ive never tried a factory edge myself but from what i read... your in good hands.
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    I have had the opportunity to shave with a Factory Edge, the razor was from Revisor. I stropped it up like I would after honing and it was decent shave, however after a proper honing the difference was black and white, my honing made a world of difference.

    With that said, I've read of some who got factory edges from different manufactuers that would not shave at all.

    Custom honing isn't really expensive at all and it gives a good base to judge how your shaving is going--especially when someone is brand new to this age old art.
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    Wise choice, Glen will set you up proper and it is $ well spent. You will be amazed at the difference. Best of luck with your journey: )
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    You know, there is no definition to "shave ready". All it really means is it will shave your whiskers. It may not be comfortable and you may need many passes but it will shave.

    Most around here consider that unacceptable but you would probably find many straight shavers out there who use a razor like that every day and think that's the way it is.

    At one time razors came with factory edges truly ready for shaving. These days however if it is you are a lucky guy.
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    I have tried lots of edges and there are a few that pass from the maker but most have to go to my stones, I usually check the bevel and all have had good bevels so I start at the 4K and finish on a JNAT.
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