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    Default Haircut with a Straight Razor

    My first true experience with a straight razor was at one of the sports-oriented men's haircut places. Instead of cutting my hair with scissors and buzzers, this guy, who had a subtle russian accent no less, used only a straight razor. I still recall how intimidating it was to see him pull that out and feel each strand of hair cut by that thing. Nonetheless, it was one of the better haircuts I have ever recieved, and this was some 15 years ago. I'm wondering if anyone here has also experienced this? Probably less common than getting a shave with one...

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    These days, it's almost impossible to get a quality cut even when they use scissors. That's why I always find an excuse to go to Sergio's every time I go to Belgrade. That guy gives every 3mm strand individual attention.

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    My wife cuts hair and has been wanting a straight to use for this purpose. Are there specific straights for cutting hair, or will any shave-ready straight work?

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    I believe if you go to Sally Beauty Supply (standard women store- the wife will know about it), they have hair cutting straights. They have the disposable blades so you don't have to worry about stropping, honing, etc.

    As far as getting a razor cut, a lot of the high end salons cut hair with razors since it's a more even, less damaging cut than scissors. Good luck trying to get a men's cut with a razor though- we're pretty much relegated to the clippers and scissors unless you want to pay $50+.

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    yeah, there are a variety of disposable bladed things for "shaping" hair. My sister in law is a cosmetologist and she has these goofy little things that go on your fingers that hold DE blades and you can kind of swoop around to shape a big frizzy haircut or something.

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