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Thread: How many of you guys hone your own straights?

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    I think mostly its just a thing to do for fun or the challenge. I have 15 razors at the moment, the only time I send them off is if I just got it, and the edge is suspect, or if I damage. after my guy gets done with it, other than 3-4 laps on my 12k once in a while, the edge last me months or even years with leather. My beard is very course and stiff, but I being a daily shaver I just have found that if your technique is good and your stropping is good I don't get the opportunity to hone enough to find any enjoyment in it. I,m like the guys who did this years ago, I do it for the shave not the hobby. don't get me wrong I bought all the stones and did the new guy thing. a year later I realized that if your doing your job those stones get real lonely. I sold my Gok20 because I have a friend who really wanted one and it was in the drawer forever. along with the rest of them, I rekon ive got better than 1200$ in naturals and synthetics, and its came down to only needing the 12k at about 90$ and I,m set for life, with the occasional 20$ fee to fix a razor.

    guys who love it I applaud them, I got silly hobbies too that really don't amount to anything important, but I,m a good dollars and cents type who has found "FOR ME" I would be money ahead by a long shot just sending them out,,plus I never had to shave with a sub par edge during my learning stages. now as to the money I spent on stones, I did learn to hone, and some are pretty plus I do use one of the others,, my 1k Chosera gets use on my Bruno kitchen knives! either way is not right or wrong. its like that guy who said it was the natural order of straight shaving to learn the hone side of it, he was kinda wrong too, the natural order the way it was when they were just standard shaving equipment was to take it to the barber or catch the sharpening mans wagon when he rolled thru town. I love this hobby cause everything is to each their own,, Tc
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    I dont hone myself. And wont do for a while. I do have an interest in both the shaving and also restauration. And would therefor love to be able to hone my own razors. I mean the satisfaction from making that old piece of junk both good looking and shave ready would do me good!
    But aint got the time or space for it atm and I think its better to start of with the shaving and restauration. Then when its time get some decent stones. But I think If I start with all of it now, i might loose interest (I know myself).

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