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Thread: Cut of the Day

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    Haven't used a straight in 2 or 3 years because I kept a beard...dang...gotta hone in on my technique again!

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    Nice cut on my upper lip near my right nostril this morning with a shavette. Actually the first shavette cut I have had in a while. I'm getting better. Didn't feel like running downstairs for the phone to snap the pic with soap on my face and blood dripping. Sorry guys. Darn thing still stings hours later. Can't figure how I did it. I was extra careful. It was just a sudden "YOW!" and there was blood. Man, the nerve endings you have in the upper lip are amazing. You really feel it.

    I'm still doing my First Pass Shavette, Second Pass DE when I do a Shavette shave. Straight Razor is all Straight, no DE, but Shavettes are definitely in the first pass only camp until I really master them. Or at least until I can do the first pass totally without any nicks, cuts or weepers.

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    Yesterday's shave, featured in SOTD, ahem,, reminded me of a few things I thought worth sharing.
    Never rush your shave, especially with a new razor you aren't as familiar with as others.

    We are having lots of construction and I tried to have a shave when I knew someone might need the John, so I was a little 'off my game' going into it.

    Always respect the toe on spiked or pointed razors. This new Riga is an Irish, and as such has a real corner to the tip of the blade which, while great for moustache profiling, is a little more dangerous along the ear line if you aren't careful with your pressure and angle.
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    Looked worse than it was as my face was wet, but lessons relearned!

    Also learned I need to trim those ears! I'm one hairy mofo....
    "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

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    Hone wear. First day with a waterstone. I needed to drag my finger along the edge of the Norton to keep the shoulder off the hone. After hours with a Henckles Inox it was worn through.

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    Speaking of honing accidents, I just got sliced up real good...
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    I was removing the little guard/bar from the blade of my Rolls Razor, using the metal spudger from my small electronics tool kit. When it finally came free, it did so with like releasing a spring. That release of energy caused me to fumble everything I was holding, causing this cut. Good thing I keep an ample supply of knuckle & fingertip bandaids .
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    I keep a tube of stop bleeding I got from CVS handy, pardon the pun. Put it on the cut and it stops the bleeding immediately. I've used it on some pretty bad cuts and it works real good. Put the bandaid on with some pressure and it will be fine. I changed the dressing after a couple of hours and put antibiotic cream on the cut and put the bandaid on this time loose. Another suggestion is to pick up dressings that allow air to get to the cut. Heals faster. I've cut my fingers far more times then my face.

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    I swear by EMT Gel. It is intended as a veterinary med, but it is amazing for stopping bleeding. It is available at Tractor Supply. Its available on line too.

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