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Thread: May has been great so far.

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    Default May has been great so far.

    So I get busy and don't share in a timely fashion. Sorry. This thread will cover most of what came in the mail this month.

    First is the best. My new friend WW243 was VERY generous when he gave me a brush. I have a few Duck brushes but not like this one .

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    The grubby thing to the right I purchased off the bay. The first #6 DD brush I have seen. (not that I been around for ever) 30mm knot that is falling apart to the touch. And painted red on the lower handle.

    And yep I got another Satinedge. This Bresnick Duck has some early brass that is somewhat different than all the others so I had to have it. Just when you think you got 7 of everything. The wedge has cell rot and that left some black spots on the blade which I took right off with 600 grit. (minor pitting) and screwed up the toe end of the scales. New set coming soon with a brass transfer. It has little hone wear on the ends but the middle is wider. The bevel looks nice so will have to see what's up with that.

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    Then I had to buy a Coticle to get this little Duck paddle strop. The leather has some minor problems which I already started to glue up and sand down. I will burnish it some and see if it will work again. It has 2 sides and they are marked start and finish. The start side looks and feels like horse hide with very little draw.

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    The finish side is thicker and dark. Not sure but maybe a bridle leather with a lot of draw.
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    Also with the deal (not pictured) was a Scottish Lassie strop with DD Shamrock linen. Very nice shape and I will show that later when it's all fixed up.

    Last but not least Ultrasoundguy ( another new generous friend I met on e-Bay) sent me this. Imperial Razor, Warranted, Registered 20507 , Germany. I t had Teddy Roosevelt and harding?? I think. Did I ever mention I hate etch ?

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    I touched the gold with 2 swipes of Blue Magic and it disappeared. In order to get the active rust off I am going to lose it anyway but I was going to try and work around it. The toe has a small issue and I may have to shorten it or round the toe off. I don't think it's cracked but it is somewhat rotten with rust. I will get it up and running again just hate losing etch. It doesn't look that great as it is, regret regret regret....

    Thanks for looking hope you enjoy.
    Special thanks to WW243 and Ultrasoundguy . People like this renew my faith in humanity :<0)
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    Nice haul there! Anxious to see if you like that coticule. I've been enjoying mine lately, in what's turning out to be a long lasting relationship I think...
    I love living in the past...

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