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Thread: Mom gives son sharp toys !

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    Default Mom gives son sharp toys !

    Got love Mom but when she picks up toys for you at the antique store you can hardly wait until Mothers Day comes around again.
    She said she asked the lady if she had any straights and at first the answer was no. So Mom shops around and on the way out the lady stops her and says " I found these". The funny thing is Mom drops the spike right away because of rust and they start dickering over the ones with the hone wear. Seems Mom likes brass and the lady thought a razor from a Novelty and toy Co. was really worth something. Well good old Mom says she will take all 4 if the lady throws in the rock in a bag :<0) Deal.

    Top left to right:
    206 Prezioso, Bohler and Stahl , Soligen........Great shape nice etch with plain etch on far side.
    Special #1 A Colletti Chicago Ill. Made in Germany (it needs help) lots.
    Spike, Union Cutlery, Monrovia Iowa.......Some rust and the edge will need some attention. The name on the scales is perfect.
    My Pet , Cal. Notion and Toy Co. San Fransisco , Made in Germany. ( priceless )

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    The rock in a bag
    No, 20. Frictionite
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    A little more training and I can stop hunting for razors myself. She has a keen eye for Ducks but they just don't turn up in the wild here. Wouldn't be surprised if she walked in with an 8/8 Goldedge someday and said " here I got the lady down from 25 to 20 dollars on this one."
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    Please have her adopt me. A Frictionite!! The nearest antique shop to me has only one vendor that brings in straights - generally to narrow and over priced.
    "The sharpening stones from time to time provide officers with gasoline."

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    What a GREAT Mom you have!
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    Rock in a bag....a that's hilarious!

    Gotta love our Mom's! Or in Canada, our Mum's!

    Great story!
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    Fantastic eye. I know it's not a duck, but that Bohler will be a great shaver. If you want to get rid of it let me know. I gave one away a few years ago and miss it terribly.

    These will all clean up great, congratulations!!!

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    You gotta LOVE that !!!!!!!!!
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    Oh you are gonna have to buy her a nice birthday, Christmas an mothers day gift!
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