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Thread: Our Leader Razor

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    Default Our Leader Razor

    The tang is marked “Our Leader” in ornate script on one side, and “JAS. B. Barry Co. Chicago ILL’S Made in Germany” on the other. 5/8 square tip with muted point, double shoulder, 2 ¾ inch long blade. Celluloid wood grain scales. The end was broken off the scales while it was being shipped to me, so after the shipping refund, this is a $5 dollar razor. Just did 10 strokes on the pasted strop, and this thing is cutting arm hairs away from the skin. I put it on the skin, and have a spot of BBS on my left arm.

    First picture is as it arrived, and shows the broken scale. Other pictures are after some very light cleaning with Barkeeper’s Friend. I got a loupe, so was looking at the edge, and I can see some small chips. I think this might be a good one to see if I can polish out on my natural stones, after some more clean up. (I need to learn to do this myself, since so many razors keep following me home.)

    I haven’t been able to find anything on this brand of razors. Only found one thread here, and Google is just sending me to Ebay. Any information would be appreciated.

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    I have a hunch that Our Leader was a mark used by F W Engels. I was wrong once before though. Let's see if anyone has information that is from a more reliable source than my melon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RezDog View Post
    I have a hunch that Our Leader was a mark used by F W Engels. I was wrong once before though. Let's see if anyone has information that is from a more reliable source than my melon.
    I agree with RezDog since they do make a Leader version but it has fancy metal bolsters on the ends. I have a couple.
    This one was possibly made for JAS. B. Barry Co. Chicago ILL’S which might have either been a hardware store or a retail store.
    My Goins Encyclopedia has nothing on it other than they (F W Engels) said "Lucky" stamped on the front of the tang.
    I still think it was made by F W Engels.
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    I am willing to bet that this was branded to look like an FWE. not only because of the similarity in Our Leader to Leader model names, some engels (i think the Special or Wedge) had those cellulose wood grain look alike scales. Though it could always have been a rescale at some point.

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    I concur with the other members. Leader has always been synonymis with FW Engels. Another member has stated that many razor makers made the same blade with several names. Shape location and script of the writing all lend to this conclusion.
    Lastly nothing is written in concrete,just stamped in steel.
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