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Thread: Geo. H. Woodman & Co. (German made) Latest Flea Market Acquisition

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    Default Geo. H. Woodman & Co. (German made) Latest Flea Market Acquisition

    Greetings everyone,

    I haven't posted any thing in quite a while, but I finally found something at the Flea Market that was decent, and that the seller didn't want an arm and a leg for.

    It's a 5/8 inch razor (6/8" total width) made in Germany, and it's marked Geo. H. Woodman & Co. The razor has some nice spine work, and I paid $8 for it. It even came with the original box (or coffin), which lists Woodman as being in Westboro, Mass. (which is now spelled Westborough). If I understand the requirement for marking imported blade, this razor would have been made sometime before 1914, since that blade is not marked "made in Germany"

    The limited information I found on the web shows that George J. Woodman & Co. was in the plumbing and metalwork trades in the late 1800's, early 1900's.

    When I bought this razor I assumed that the scales were broken, as the wedge end was taped together. However, when I took the tape off, I found that the scale halves seem to have simply come unglued. Therefore, I think I'll just clean everything up a bit and see if I can epoxy it back together, perhaps with a pin added.

    (Since photobucket started trying to charge for their image hosting, I've switched to Google Photos. This will be my first attempt to see if it works.)

    WHEW! I think I finally got the images to work, but I had to click on "View Image Info", go into the "Media" tab, copy the image address, and paste it here with "[img]" in front and "[/img]" behind. (I tried various forms of the image address, the insert photo button, insert web link, etc., but had no luck.) There must be an easier way and, if so, I would much appreciate someone filling me in.

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    Sure looks like it will clean up easy enough
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    I like that spine style. She will be a sweet shaver.

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