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how to prevent rust and what to use for storage
Hapo, The rust I am referring to, is caused by the old plastic used in the scales (handles) of the straight razor. If they are made of this old material (celluloid) the handles are formed from an organic compound, and sometimes this compound breaks down/deteriorates. We call this "Cell Rot" The process of breaking down releases a gas, which is highly corrosive.

Keeping the razor clean, and avoiding getting the handles wet, or sunlight, helps to minimize the chances of breakdown, but it can happen at any time. Some are more prone to the problem than others. I have seen 3 types of red plastic handles. Oldest ones would break down and cause rot, Ones from the 60s sometimes simply shrink, and the newest ones often were more modern plastics which did not shrink or rot

For my best blades, I just keep them as clean as I can, dry them in a partially open position for 24 hours before putting away, and wax them before putting away for long term storage.
Just take them out now and then and inspect them. A watchful eye is a good thing, and whats the point of owning them if you dont even take them out to enjoy them now and then.