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    Default $20 Ebay Joseph Rodgers & sons

    well I've only been lurking these forums, but have been straight shaving for a few weeks now. started with a dovo prima Klang, but spotted this on the 'bay and knew it was worth the twenty I dropped on it. just got it back from Russ at plaza cutlery for a honing, and I'll give it a whirl in the next couple days.

    holy mole that's a big picture, sorry gang. ugh, what are the forum rules for picture sizes?

    edit: the picture looked a lot bigger in my preview post. but what are the rules anyway?
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    I think you will really like that razor, I have one the same size but without the etching. it's very weird to shave with it(wedge) and not hear any feed back,(noise) it's as if you run the blade across your face pull away and the hair is gone. POOF!!

    it's one of my favorite shavers. and you got a great deal, I am jealous.

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