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Thread: List your shave collection!!

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    50 year str. shaver mrsell63's Avatar
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    160 day razor set.

    16 strops.

    34 hones.

    It took 43 years to collect the above inventory.

    OOOPS! Pass the styptic please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjhammer View Post
    Blix, I hate you... Your hone collection is worthy of much praise and envy. I'm devastated now in my minor montage of crud. HAD better not get me, I already have it with barbers hones.

    Hehe thank you Mike. I have the empty wallet to show for it though!

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    Blissfully, I have only contracted RAD. Something to the tune of 40 or 50 razors in 6 months. There are about 30 in my regular rotation, the rest are not in functional shape and await restoration.

    I've got a thing for old razors. Currently I have 7 razors made before 1830. Only one before 1800.

    The hones are much easier to enumerate. I have:
    A Norton 4k/8k with the Norton flattening stone.
    A Smith's 750 grit diamond hone (which I got for lapping the Norton, but now I use it for bevel setting and restoration)
    An unnamed purple barbershop hone that's about an inch wide and 7 inches long. Very useful for blades with wobbly spines.
    A DMT 8k
    A PHIG or Chinese 12k, I prefer ChiNat.

    One strop from Mountain Mike.

    A Frank Shaving badger brush
    A $2 Body Shop synthetic brush (hey, it works, and the lathering part isn't the part I get pervy for)

    For lather, I mix an Arko stick, Welleda shaving cream and a dollop of glycerin and haven't felt the need for anything else. With the water in our place, I can make that stuff dense enough to sculpt with in about 30 seconds.

    I don't use aftershave or anything else.

    Can you tell it's the razors that I get pervy for?
    -Zak Jarvis. Writer. Artist. Bon vivant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsell63 View Post
    160 day razor set.

    16 strops.

    34 hones.

    It took 43 years to collect the above inventory.


    I like it. 3 razor a year average. Plenty of time to enjoy the razors before you buy more. Perfect.
    I'm a sucker for a stamped tail. Giggity.

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    I started straight razor shaving this year and quickly contracted RAD.

    1. 6/8 Hill & Son with Ivory scales (estimated 125 years old)
    2. 3/4 Wade & Butcher "Canada Razor"
    3. 13/16 Joseph Rodgers
    4. 7/8 Dorko #14
    5. 7/8 Hart Steel
    6. 7/8 Wacker "Jungmeister"
    7. 8/8 Revisor "Revisor Extra"
    8. 5/8 H. Boker "Our Own" (selling)
    9. 5/8 H. Boker "King Cutter" (selling)

    10. 5/8 Beau Brummel (sold)
    11. 5/8 New York Cutlery (traded)
    12. 6/8 Wacker INOX Stainless (sold)
    13. 6/8 Dovo Micarta (traded)

    As you can see I really took to the larger razors. I'll post pictures when I can.
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    Here are my razors, all are round point and shave ready:

    9/16 Feso
    5/8 Col Conk
    Dovo Fritz Bracht ( not sure if I spelled that right)
    HMC Cutlery

    11/16 Mankeen
    Boker King Cutter

    6/8 Dovo Best Quality
    Ariston Gold Edge

    13/16 Ambossman
    Pearl King
    Carl Kammerling (two)

    I had a 4/8 Dovo and a 4/8 Bonsa but I sold them.

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    Ok here goes. This I'd just my razors pictured
    Top row from left to right
    1. Wade & Butcher
    2. Wade & Butcher French point
    3. Wade & Butcher barbers notch
    Second row from left to right
    4. Thiers Issard 69
    5. Frederick Reynolds
    6. LeGrelot p. hospital
    Third row from left to right
    7. Robert Amedola New Haven Enterprise
    8. Hoffritz High Class
    9. Puma # 38
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1327276960.021913.jpg
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Size:  36.2 KB
    Then you have my razor rack and brush and bowl. The safety razor in the back is a Merkur Vision 2000.
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1327277279.285631.jpg
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Size:  36.1 KB
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1327277317.810332.jpg
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    Then there is my SRD Modular Paddle Strop
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1327277576.155993.jpg
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    That's all so far

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    My "A" team


    DD Grim Reaper
    Filly 13
    Filly 14 8/8
    Wonderedge spike
    wonderedge round
    2 Fridours (one has a beautiful pair of custom MOP scales by dirtychrome)
    2 DD satinedge (one has a custom pair of jade ghost scales by dirtychrome)
    DD special 6/8 (i'm told this is abnormally large for a special. Custom red paua scales by dirtychrome)
    DD satinwedge
    5 DD goldedge (1 round. 4 spike)
    3 WB For Barbers Use (all at least 8/8)
    2 WB with nifty worked with a turtoise shell scales
    J. Rodgers damascus steel with Ivory scales. This is a very unique razor shape. Never seen another like it
    GB Chopper 1 & 5/16 in size!!!
    WB Stubby from 1822 to 1830
    2 Boker 1056's in custom Paua scales by dirtychrome
    Revisor in custom paua scales by Max
    Livi regrind
    RW custom
    Alex Jacques custom
    TI spanish point with worked back.
    TI Round point
    TI 69 Frameback
    7/8 Hart
    2 puma round point wedges
    Wacker Anniversary
    Dorko 8/8 Round point
    Jackson and Sons Chopper 10/8
    JA Henkels TWIN razor
    Bergisher Lowe
    Dovo INOX
    Dovo Prima klang
    Dove Bismark
    CMON Blackie
    CMON HF?
    2 Torrey MOP tang with worked back
    Friedeklo-Haan Solingen 7 day set with case
    Engstrom Eskiltuna Frameback Ivory 4 day set with case
    Wade Wingfield Ivory scales 2 day set with case
    A. Davis Ivory scales 2 day set with case
    Mappin Webb Ivory scales 2 day set with case
    WB Masonic
    Frederick Reynolds 7/8 George Washington etching
    Old English Stub

    2 Eschers
    Charnley Forest
    Naniwa 12
    Norton 220/1/4/8

    I'd love to see what/read about what some of the guys here have in their collections. I read that JoeD has an insane collection. I'd also like to see Sham's hone collection.
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    Cool My Straights, or micro-RAD...

    I started straight razor shaving in December and already have a nice bout of RAD going....


    Dobson Kamisori, an asymmetrically-ground Nihon-kamisori in high-carbon tool steel (52100).
    Dobson fixed-blade razor with Mother of Pearl handle (Blade Steel: 52100 at 60-61Rc; 1.5" radius hollow grind, 6/8 - 8/8)
    Dovo Flowing 6/8 in Grenadille scales
    Charlie Lewis full-hollow 8/8 Sheffield-style using 1095 steel resting in white micarta scales. This bad boy is classic and very heavy with a nice, gray patina. I'm in love. Going to shaving this morning using this jimped beauty.


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    Just a few of mine.
    Name:  razors.jpg
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    No, they are not all shave ready!

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