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Thread: Iwasaki Kamisori - Unboxing.

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    Default Iwasaki Kamisori - Unboxing.

    Here is my brand new Iwasaki Kamisori 50mm Swedish Steel Razor.....PART I.

    After unboxing the razor it did not seem to take that many hairs off my arm as I thought it would so I put it on the chromium Oxide on balsa, 6 times on the Omote side and 1 time on the Ura side, I did this for about 6 sets. Then I did the same on the linen and then on the leather.

    Not sure if this is correct but after this method the blade was noticeably popping way more hairs off my arm than it was straight out of the box.

    I then shaved with it, after many months of conventional straight razor shaving and then having a shave with the Iwasaki it certainly helped with technique and was not as tricky as I thought it would be.

    The handle being rather thin started giving me minor cramp at times so I just changed positions and the easiest part of the shave I found was on the neck going up towards the jaw as for some reason I could really hold on to the razor thereby giving it more control.

    I am sure it is all a learning curve that would not take long to master as my first shave even though a little tricky gave great results.

    I tried to be traditional and only keeping the Omote side towards my skin but as I was running late for work I cheated a little and used the Ura side as well on the left hand side of my face.

    I personally found the overall quality of the razor including the packaging very good indeed and I was most impressed. Oh and I think the razor looks cool, the stamping, the design, the Wisteria, the contrast between black and silver, it just begs to be shaved with.

    In conclusion I am more than very happy with my purchase and I can see me using this razor on a regular basis.


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    Default Iwasaki Kamisori 50mm Swedish Steel Razor...PART II

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    Thanks for looking.
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    Ooo very nice! Great pics too. Thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EisenFaust View Post
    Ooo very nice! Great pics too. Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks Mr. EisenFaust, I have yet to make those Micarta scales, been a bit busy with other things or should I say lazy (no I should not say that).

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    Thanks for sharing planetocean. I'll look at an Iwasaki anytime.

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    Very nice razor and excellent pics.

    I have a question about using the razor. I know that this has probably been covered before but I would appreciate the perspective from someone that appears to be new to Japanese razors. Can you use both sides of the razor and obtain an optimum shave?


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    that is one beautiful razor!!! if you don't mind me asking, where did you order it from?

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    very nice razor! congrats on the purchase.

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    "You can have my Iwasaki Kamisori when you pry my cold dead hands from around it" Wait that's my 1911

    Heck you can't have either

    I have always found shaving with these traditional Kamisori rather stressful, but the shave is fantastic, perhaps if I got to shave with mine more often I would relax a bit more

    Hope you love yers as much as I do mine, if I ever gave up collecting razors and just became a "Shaver" this would be my first choice as a keeper...

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    very nice, i have a similar one and need to get back to using it.

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